OBA Announce Four More Election Candidates

June 5, 2017

The OBA officially announced four of their election candidates for Pembroke at a press conference this afternoon [June 5], with Andrew Simons the candidate for Constituency #17, Nicholas Kempe in Constituency #18, Jeanne Atherden in Constituency #19, and Susan Jackson in Constituency #20.

Susan Jackson, Andrew Simons, Premier Dunkley, Jeanne Atherden & Nicholas Kempe:

OBA Election Candidates Bermuda June 5 2017 (2)

This is OBA’s second set of candidate announcements, following after the five Warwick candidates being named; Nalton Brangman for Constituency #24, Jeff Baron for Constituency #25, Robyn Swan for Constituency #26, Sheila Gomez for Constituency #27, and Jeff Sousa for Constituency #28.

The PLP has also announced four election candidates so far; Senator Renee Ming for Constituency #1 St Georges North, Kim Swan for Constituency #2 St. George’s West, Rev Dr Ernest Peets as the candidate for Constituency #10 Smith’s North and Tinee Furbert in Constituency #4 St George’s South.

The Election has not yet been called, however both parties are in election mode, and with the No Confidence Vote scheduled to take place this Friday in the House of Assembly, some are speculating about the possible timing of the election being called.

The announcement has just concluded and we will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the 15-minute live video replay is below. [Replaced with video]

Andrew Simons will be the candidate for Constituency #17 again, a seat which is currently held by the PLP’s Walton Brown, who won with 50.43% of the vote in the last General Election. The results from C#17 in the 2012 election are below.

C17  2012 Election Result

Nicholas Kempe will be the candidate for Constituency #18 again, a seat which is currently held by Opposition Leader David Burt who won with 49.76% of the vote in the last General Election. The results from C#18 in the 2012 election are below.

C18  2012 Election Result

Jeanne Atherden is the incumbent in C#19, having won with 61.77% of the vote in the last General Election. The results from C#19 in the 2012 election are below.

C19  2012 Election Result

Susan Jackson is the incumbent in C#20, having won with 78.23% of the vote in the last General Election. The results from C#20 in the 2012 election are below.

C20  2012 Election Result

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  1. Whatever says:

    Hey Dunk. What fresh new faces are you talking about?

    • A Chap called V says:

      Brilliant. Brilliant.

      Bring back Beyonce.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Comedy hour.

    • Vanzs' Uncle says:

      It’s like they lies we were told about the benefits of milk!!!!!!

    • Cha Boi says:

      I think he misappropriated knew

    • Mr. Dunkley will be calling the election before Friday this Week, if not he will call for a early summer recess, either way, he will try and pull a rabbit out of the hat before the NO CONFIDENCE VOTE.

      No matter what he does, his days are numbered and the joker has to go.

  2. watching says:

    we have seen 9 candidates unveiled from the OBA, of which only 1 is a new face.

    C24 – OBA former Minister of Education Nalton Brangman
    C25 – OBA Minister and Senator Jeff Baron
    C26 – former candidate Robyn Swan
    C27 – new candidate Sheila Gomez
    C28 – OBA MP Jeff Sousa
    C17 – twice former candidate Andrew Simons
    C18 – former candidate Nick Kempe
    C19 – Jeanne Atherden – former UBP Chair and current OBA Minister
    C20 – OBA MP Susan Jackson

    where are the new faces that have been so galvanized and excited by the governing of the OBA?

    • wahoo says:

      Where are the apologies for the mess left after 14 years of plp governing? Where is the 2025 plan? – oh yeah sorry it isn’t 2025 yet. Where is the $800M? Where is the diversity? Where are the ideas?

      • A Chap called Vanz says:

        Can’t wait for de PLP to return. Looking forward to Brilliant Burt raiding my pension for his tech start up thing. Will double my money easy.

        • wahoo says:

          Oh I forgot about raiding the pension fund. Thanks for reminding me how brilliant he has become since he was junior finance monster.

        • Still Enslavrd says:

          You didnt complain once while the UBP MISLEAD this ISLAND

          • wahoo says:

            I am waiting to hear HOW the island was mislead. If you are right that the UBP mislead the island that still is no excuse for what the PLP did. The UBP always balanced the books while we KNOW that the PLP either did not know what they were doing or perhaps acted unethically (to be polite). Present day the OBA are doing all they can and it is bearing fruit but you are in a mad scramble to tear it down for reasons known only to you.

            You are enslaved to your mentality more than anything else.

      • Real Wahoo says:

        In today’s Court ruling on Tweed

        • James says:

          I still have NO idea what Vision 2025 means. Lol.

        • wahoo says:

          He now goes by Genevieve – Tweed, get it right. He still is not a Born Bermudian and the ruling says nothing about his right to be here only the procedure that gave rise to all of this.

          • mixitup says:

            All of a sudden you all concerned about who’s a Born Bermudian?! Lol… Gotta laugh to keep from crying with you people… Look around you.

            • No way Jose says:

              It only became an issue when Furbert and company stated that he was a Born Bermudian and therefore had a right to stay. When it was proven that he wasn’t Bermudian, suddenly the PLPs stance changed.

      • Bda Lobster says:

        Where else to you go daily but on BERNEWS wahoo???
        Get a job, life, hobbie, girlfriend or boyfriend, but for the sake of whining pls shut up!!!

    • Ringmaster says:

      Where are the new faces for the PLP? All they can muster is people like Kim Swan ex Leader of the UBP to maybe join other ex UBP MPs’. The PLP has more ex UBP people in the PLP than the OBA.

      • Ring Mistress says:


      • swing voter says:

        OMG what are you talking about the whole team OBA is the UBP.

        What you need to study is why do black Bermudians continue to leave the OBA/UBP. Lets keep it honest the former UBP members that left are all black.


    • Bermie says:

      Robyn Swan was never a candidate in the last election.

  3. A Chap called Vanz says:

    Kempe will feel de Brilliance of Burt.

    • Kempe WILL definitely FEEL the brilliance of Mr. Burt!!

    • Alicia says:

      Really… where has Burt been for his constituency over the last few years? Nick kempe has been very publically involved still with that constituency despite his loss in the last election. He knows the people and has been working to improve things in that area despite not winning the last election. What has Burt done?

      • No way Jose says:

        What Burt Brilliance. Where has he been brilliant? As a politician , what has he done for the community, his constituency, or the country as a while? Is he a brilliant businessman? Maybe he is, I don’t know? I am just asking , what makes him brilliant!? To me he is just an average politician collecting a paycheck.

  4. Oh my says:

    Hahahahahhahhahahhahahha still looking week as ever with these old faces!

    • Oh my says:


      • wahoo says:

        Give me three reasons why I would vote plp instead of OBA do not mention race because that is BS and you know it and do not take all weak.

        • Bad Lobster says:

          Give me 3 why you would vote OVA wa who???

          • wahoo says:

            Sound economic understanding
            True concern for all Bermudians

            • No way Jose says:

              Here you go bad lobster.
              1) Hotels were closing during PLP years. New ones built during OBA years and others refurbished.
              2) Businesses left Bermuda during PLP, coming back under OBA
              3) Tourism is on the rise during OBA years
              4) PLP closed the golf course in St George. OBA signed a deal to build a new hotel and Golf Course.
              5) PLP talked about casinos. OBA made it happen.
              6) PLP had $800 million unaccounted for in 14 years. OBA $0
              7) PLP complained about UBP, but now have more UBP faces in their government than OBA
              8) PLP made a big deal about Jetgate which cost Bermuda $0, but won’t speak of the former premiers flight on Globalhue jet before awarding the Tourism contract.
              9) PLP speak of diversity but their candidates are not a reflection of Bermuda. Actually, if your surname isn’t Furbert you have little chance of becoming a candidate.
              10) PLP have a plan called the 2025 plan which means they admit it will take 8 years for them to make change? OBA are making tough choices now.
              11) PLP proposed an airport plan when in power but had no way to make it happen aside from borrowing more money. OBA found a way to make it happen without borrowing?
              12) PLP years led to 5 thousand jobs lost. Actually if they had not added 1 thousand positions to the civil service to hide the true loss of jobs , the number would be greater. OBA are trying to get those jobs back, one at a time.

              Should I keep going?

            • Onion Juice says:

              You also forgot what they campaigned on, Transparency, Openess, Honesty and 2000 jobs.

              • wahoo says:

                Well done, I am surprised a staunch supporter can even spell those particular words.

          • wahoo says:

            Bad Lobster???? Is that a thing? You should go back to Mad Dog that was a cool name.

        • Wise Guy says:

          1. Lack of integrity (to many broken promises)
          2. Lack of a social conscience (schools deteriorating, cuts to all education grants and scholarships, while we spend millions to entertain billionaires. )
          3. Lack of financial prudence and failure to diversify the economy (debt has doubled in the last 5yrs.)

  5. puzzled says:

    Enjoy the AC.

    As Frank would say and invite them in; send in the clowns.

    Bless the children.

  6. Coffee says:

    Those candidates , well , bright people , not the right people under Dunkeley . These people are winners , Dunkeley is a proven loser from past performance records .

    I’m sure they are well aware that Dunkeley will never win a election . Unless he has identified a suitable surrogate , a loss is guaranteed !

    • aceboy says:

      If you are a PLP supporter, talking about past performance is a bad idea.

    • Navin Johnson says: