OBA Candidates: Outerbridge & Bascome

June 8, 2017

The OBA officially announced two of their election candidates for St George’s at a press conference this afternoon [June 8], with Nandi Outerbridge for Constituency #2 and Kenneth Bascome for Constituency #1.

As the PLP has already announced their candidates for St George’s, this marks the first officially confirmed matchups for the upcoming election, with Kenneth Bascome to run against Senator Renee Ming in #1, while Nandi Outerbridge will run against Kim Swan in #2.

The east end, which unlike some other areas that are considered ‘strongholds’ of certain parties, has a history of electing MPs from various parties, so will be widely watched in this election.

This is OBA’s third set of candidate announcements, following after their five Warwick candidates being named; Nalton Brangman for Constituency #24, Jeff Baron for Constituency #25, Robyn Swan for Constituency #26, Sheila Gomez for Constituency #27, and Jeff Sousa for Constituency #28.

The OBA have also confirmed four of their candidates for Pembroke, with Andrew Simons in Constituency #17, Nicholas Kempe in Constituency #18, Jeanne Atherden in Constituency #19, and Susan Jackson in Constituency #20.

The PLP has also announced four election candidates so far; Senator Renee Ming for Constituency #1 St Georges North, Kim Swan for Constituency #2 St. George’s West, Rev Dr Ernest Peets as the candidate for Constituency #10 Smith’s North and Senator Tinee Furbert in Constituency #4 St George’s South.

The Election has not yet been called, however both parties are in election mode, and with the No Confidence Vote scheduled to take place this Friday in the House of Assembly, some people have been speculating about whether the election will be called in advance, however as of this time it has not been called.

The OBA’s Kenneth Bascome is the incumbent in C#1, having won with 51.62% of the vote in the last General Election. The results from C#1 in the 2012 election are below, and the PLP has already confirmed that Senator Renee Ming will be their candidate for this area.

C1 2012 Election Result

The OBA’s Nandi Outerbridge is also the incumbent in the seat she will contest in the upcoming election, having won with 38.69% of the vote in 2012, winning by a 4 vote margin.

The results from C#2 in the 2012 election are below, and the seat will see somewhat of a rematch, with the PLP having already confirmed that Kim Swan, who ran as an Independent in the last election, will be their candidate for this constituency.

C2 2012 Election Result

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    I just want a date for the election ;-)

  2. watching says:

    Is this the first time Nandi has been back in St George’s since the election in 2012?

    • Do Right says:

      Nandi seems to be more credible then the Wayne Furbert types of this world….imagine that

    • Say Whaat says:


    • St.George says:

      True so true. First time back. Nandi needs to go back where she has been all this time. I do not even want to see her. I will be voting PLP for the first time. Nandi go get your pictures taken elsewhere,

    • Cowpoly says:

      You are a dreamer. Nandi never left us down St George’s…you must be thinking of the party that took our golf courae

    • Cowpoly says:

      Well your obviously not from St Georges then….

  3. swing voter says:

    I wish I could move to St G and vote for Bascombe!

    • wahoo says:

      He is one of the few on either side that is only in it for Bda. He is cool!

  4. True St Georgian says:

    Blah blah blah! Neither of them care about St Georges especially Nandi!! Senator Ming you have my vote this time! Factual, articulate and consistency.

    • Cowpoly says:

      You must be joking. Ming will never get my vote. Have you heard speak in the Senate. She consistently gets it wrong….like when she said we were losing our beach for the hotel. Did you see her Wednesday night harassing the hotel developers! No way does she get my vote.

  5. watching says:

    How come they never answer any questions?

  6. casadeanale says:

    Even a blind dog can see that the OBA candidates are far superior than what the PLP/UBP/BIU party rolled out the other day. St Georges is alive and buzzing again. We cannot let the others take us back to the dark ages.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Not only is Somerset Cup Match favorites, they are also SOLID in elections.
      East End flip flops.

  7. Madog says:

    Beach gone in St George’s to the rich Bascome
    sold the people in St George’s out!!!!!!!

    • Cowpoly says:

      Bascome is St George’s through and through! He is getting you jobs down east and you keep the beach…really there is no pleasing you is there

  8. yawn says:

    Gawd save the Queen….lol

  9. Coffee says:

    Everyday for years , one Lane traffic across that bridge . Replacement parts to the structure went rusty after being discarded a stones throw away . Bridge fixed only after airport deal passes .

    Bascome only talks on Sundays . He loves to talk .

    Most people have never heard Nandi . Does she have a voice ?

    • Cowpoly says:

      That bridge being the bridge the PLP did not maintenance on? That airport that the PLP could do nothing with for 13 years? Give it a rest.
      Kenny should talk, man is getting it done. Not blowing hot air like Ming and Swan…

  10. Vote says:

    Another well PREpared speech for Nandi Outerbridge to recite, that’s the best she can do Sad Sad

    • Cowpoly says:

      So you are being critical against Nandi because she is prepared? Really that’s your best criticism?? Laughable really. Nandi keep working for us down east. We know who butters our bread

  11. Real Onion says:

    Kenny Bascome is the ONLY one that really cares about the Olde Towne.

    He has also been a good friend to Me and My Wife so yes,maybe I might sound bias,but it’s the Truth.

    (Just another white bye).

  12. Trail User says:

    LOLOL Bascome is an interesting character One Bascome Alliance as he often says.

  13. Unconvinced says:

    Sick and tired of the OBA

  14. Mumbo-Jumbo says:

    OBA. ;)
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆
    OBA. ∆