Video: Opposition Leader Officially Appointed

July 26, 2017

[Updated] Patricia Gordon-Pamplin was officially appointed as the Opposition Leader at a ceremony at Government House this afternoon [July 26].

At the ceremony, Ms Gordon-Pamplin also announced the Shadow Cabinet, as well as the three OBA Opposition Senators; Nandi Outerbridge, Nicholas Kempe and Andrew Simons.

The press conference has just concluded and we will have additional information later on, and in the meantime the 7-minute live video replay is below.

Update 7.24pm: The Shadow Ministers are below. The OBA has 12 MPs, Ms Gordon Pamplin is the Opposition Leader, and ten MPs serve in the Shadow Cabinet.

  • Sylvan Richards, Shadow Minister of Planning and Environment
  • Jeanne Atherden, Shadow Minister of Finance
  • Trevor Moniz, Shadow Attorney General
  • Craig Cannonier, Shadow Minister of Works and Infrastructure
  • Jeff Baron, Shadow Minister of National Security
  • Dr Grant Gibbons, Shadow Minister of Economic Development
  • Susan Jackson, Shadow Minister of Health and Seniors
  • Cole Simons, Shadow Minister of Education
  • Ben Smith, Shadow Minister of Sport and Youth Development
  • Leah Scott, Shadow Minister of Tourism and Transport

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Comments (18)

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  1. Hawle says:

    Appointing Mrs. Outerbridge to the Senate is a big disappointment…

    • A Chap called Vanz says:

      I’d rather a Nandos than a Nandi.

    • Kevin says:

      so quick to criticize …at least Nandi is committed to Bermuda which is probably more than you can attest to ..I truly wish us a good luck hell knows we are going to need it ……I can’t wait to see the blogs in 9 months when all of the promises aren’t fulfilled … i hope Im wrong but if you walk like a duck and quack like a duck ….you’re probably a duck

      • ebz says:

        yet, you are quick to criticize the new government. Give them a chance

        • I don’t think it will be worst then your first 6 months, From de F!@#ed up Immigration policy to JetGate, which ultimately lead to his embarrassing departure as de first Premier to resign in Bermuda’s History for suspicious actions.

      • JAWS says:

        Why are you talking about Nandi her name is not listed above and only out of desperation will they call on her again and the OBA is not desperate yet!

    • Defense says:

      As a (barley) OBA supporter (but def not PLP), I consider it completely outrageous that Nadi Davis has been appointed to the Senate! The girl is a complete joke as a politician! Seeing sh*t like this makes me glad the PLP got elected, which says a lot. Abosolute joke!

      OBA will never be a decent/respectable political party. Completely done with any little hope I had left in them. The only thing they are good for now is to survive long enough so that a genuine new (non-OBA/UBP) center-right political party can emerge.

      The OBA really are so out of touch with reality. A bunch of out of touch, unemployable in the private sector, dreamers trying to salvage a pay cheque!!

      And for clarity sake, this post is by no means an endorsement of the PLP and/or David Burt!

      • PBanks says:

        It’s possible OBA wanted to go with a set of ‘fresh/young’ faces in the Senate and avoid any appearance of ‘old guard’ in the fray.

        They couldn’t really do that with the Shadow Cabinet as with only 12 MPs to go around… shoot.

      • Can't believe it says:

        Who needs your endorsement defense? Certainly not the PLP.

  2. puzzled says:

    Best of luck Pat.
    You will need it.
    Stand strong.

  3. wahoo says:

    If we get the same plp that we came to know a few years ago you will have lots to do.

    • Can't believe it says:

      Well didn’t we get the old UBP. As a matter of fact the OBA was worse than the UBP. Pepper spraying seniors and doing major projects without informing the people.

  4. Coffee says:

    I cannot put into words the amount of respect that I have for Ms.Gordon Pamplin .

    Personally , I think she really should consider crossing the floor

    The OBA/UBP controllers are not worthy of her …

    • Truth says:

      If she cross the floor all her fake friends would stop speaking to her and that is reality.

      • islandgal says:

        Definitely her fake friends won’t have her back.

  5. LongBay Trading Inc. says:

    Gosh the horrible comments here !! Why don’t we give each side a chance? YES past history on BOTH SIDES does not bode well – especially with the previous PLP Administration and their financial ‘murder’ of Bermuda – but lets give both sides a chance for heaven’s sake. Geesch!

    Pat – Good Luck and thanks so much for taking on this heavy task – it will be a big job but you have a lot of Respect from a lot of people. Stand Strong and proud and be true to yourself.

  6. Pete says:

    Poor Pam the last deck chair on the titanic