Videos: Police On Murder Of Jahkoby Smith

July 31, 2017

[Updated] The Police held a press conference this afternoon [July 31] regarding the murder of 21-year-old Jahkoby Smith, who was fatally stabbed on Saturday evening, where they confirmed that one man has been arrested in connection with the tragic incident.

The murder occurred at the West End Sailboat Club, which was hosting the wake following the funeral for the late Jachari Francis, who was murdered earlier this month.

The press conference — which also included an emotional appeal from Mr Smith’s aunt — has just concluded and we will have additional information later on.

Anyone with any information is urged to contact Acting Inspector Dean Martin of the Serious Crime Unit on 717-2074 / 247-1739 or the confidential Crime Stoppers Hotline on 800-8477.

Police On Murder Of Jahkoby Smith

Jahkoby Smith’s Aunt Appeals To Public

Update 5.17pm: Superintendent [Acting] Nicholas Pedro’s full statement follows below:

The Bermuda Police Service would like to send our deepest condolences to the family of twenty one year old Jahkoby SMITH, who was tragically murdered at a wake being held at the Westend Sailboat Club in the early evening of Saturday 29th July, 2017.

My colleague Detective Chief Inspector Na’Imah Astwood will be able to provide you details about the investigation, and our efforts and requests on that front in a few minutes. I would like to address the public on the issues that have arisen as a result of this sad event.

A funeral was held for Mr. Jahcari FRANCIS this past Saturday, whom investigators believe was murdered by a rival gang faction on Wednesday 19th July, 2017. The wake was set for that evening with friends and family attending the Westend Sailboat Club to give him a sendoff.

Whilst I cannot give specifics, the Bermuda Police Service put in place both water borne and roadside measures to both monitor & deter rival factions from causing any harm as a result of the funeral and wake.
Investigations lead us to believe that the death of Mr. Smith was as a result of anti-social behaviour by persons attending the wake, fueled by alcohol and/or drugs. This behaviour escalated into a full melee, with weapons being drawn, and Mr. Smith and another man being stabbed, and tragically Mr. Smith lost his life.

I would like to reassure the community that whilst this was indeed a senseless death, this event was not a retaliatory event that occurred as a result of the death of Mr. Francis. It is our understanding that the persons involved in the death of Mr. Smith, and Mr. Smith himself were associates and friends of the deceased Mr. Francis.

The Bermuda Police Service works tirelessly to both prevent and detect crimes of this nature. We are working with the community to reduce tensions, and to catch and convict those persons in our community that cause the most harm.

I will take questions at the end and I will hand over to Detective Chief Inspector Na’imah Astwood who will update you on the investigation.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 247-1739 or on the Confidential & independent crimestoppers hotline 800-6477 [TIPS].

Detective Chief Inspector Na’imah Astwood’s full statement follows below:

About 7:15hrs on Saturday 29th July 2017, Police received several 911 calls from persons reporting a stabbing at West End Sailboat Club, Sandy’s, where the wake of recent murder victim Jahcari Francis was taking place.

Police and first responders were dispatched to the scene where the victim, Jahkoby Smith, was being attended to by persons in the area. Police officers rendered first aid until EMT’S arrived who then conveyed Mr. SMITH to King Edward Memorial Hospital. Unfortunately, as a result of his injuries, he was subsequently pronounced dead.

An additional male was also injured at the same location. We are aware that he was taken to the King Edward Memorial Hospital, via private car, where he was treated for his injuries and later released.

As a result of the above incident, the Bermuda Police Service has launched both a murder and wounding investigation.

At this time one male has been arrested in connection with the murder and wounding. Inquiries are currently still ongoing.

The purpose of the press conference today is to make an appeal to any witnesses who were present at the West End Sailboat Club and may have any information surrounding both the murder of Jahkoby Smith and the wounding of another male.

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