Video: ‘Bermuda Calling’ For New Yorkers

August 7, 2017

The Bermuda Tourism Authority and JetBlue Vacations worked together to surprise and delight New Yorkers with an offer to get away to Bermuda for Summer Fridays.

“Bermuda Calling’ debuted recently on Broadway in New York City between West 40th and West 41st Streets. New Yorkers were surprised by the addition of new phones built into the storefront at 1450 Broadway,” the BTA said.

“The phones rang sporadically as people passed by. Those who picked up the phone were delighted by “Bermuda Calling” – either a friendly message to entice them to Bermuda, a JetBlue Vacations promotional discount up to $500 or a vacation to Bermuda for two travellers, complete with air and hotel.”

Bermuda Calling For New Yorkers August 2017

“No matter which audio message was delivered to passers-by, the objective was to tell New York consumers:

  • The two-hour travel time to Bermuda is even quicker than heading to the Hamptons
  • Bermuda’s proximity makes it the ideal #BermudaSummerFriday destination
  • There are a wide variety of experiences and activities out here in Bermuda
  • JetBlue Vacations is an efficient and fun way to get to Bermuda for Summer Fridays

“Last year, the Bermuda Tourism Authority similarly partnered with Uber to educate New Yorkers about Bermuda Summer Fridays. That marketing activation was widely praised for its innovation. The JetBlue Vacations partnership marketing has been similarly well received. It ran July 27th and 28th.

“In the same way Bermuda is set apart from other destinations because of its unique location and way of life, we want our marketing to be as distinct and memorable as Bermuda herself. Uber and JetBlue, The New Yorkerand Conde Nast Traveler – and many others too – have been great partners to spread the word about #BermudaSummerFridays,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Victoria Isley.

JetBlue increased its airlift to Bermuda from New York and Boston in May of this year, which included a second daily flight from John F Kennedy International Airport. JetBlue now provides air service between Bermuda and both cities year-round.

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Comments (18)

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  1. Mike Seal says:

    Really! Who thought of this pointless idea…making contact with one person at a time? Really…waste of marketing dollars

  2. Spectator says:

    Very clever!

    • Mike Seal says:

      What is clever about reach one person at a time to sell Bermuda? Really…no wonder why we can’t make sales

      • Jus' Wonderin' says:

        It’s called word of mouth ya dummy

      • Once Upon A Time says:

        Too expensive to Bermuda, that’s what really kills sales.

  3. frank says:

    This was a dumb idea
    A 30sec radio add would get more attention or even a
    Billboard on a taxi

  4. Real Onion says:

    New Yorkers are well aware of the Gun Violence and Drug dealing in Bermuda.

    • Say Whaat says:

      You think New Yorkers are scared of these punks here? LMAO!!!!

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      Far worse gun violence and drug dealing going on in nyc, get outta here wit that BS!

      • Once Upon A Time says:

        Not per capita these days, unfortunately.

  5. Rosie Marangiello says:

    Thousands pass in foot traffic every day, very busy area and near BTA office as well … no reason for anyone to complain about such great exposure … perhaps you’ve never been to NYC.

    • Real Onion says:

      quote:- perhaps you’ve never been to NYC.

      NEVER assume,it makes an ASS out of U. (ass u me)

  6. James says:

    A better idea would be to do a deal with the airlines and take the entire tourism budget buy thousands of tickets and just stand at JFK and give tickets away to Bermuda. I bet we would get more tourists than we get now. Tourism would only need a few staff to give the tickets away. Big savings on salaries there.

  7. Speedy Petey says:

    This is great…I’m sending all my friends in NYC to get those calls and make plans to come to BDA and see ME!!!

  8. Karen says:

    Cool idea!