Marine Police Respond To Boat Taking On Water

August 25, 2017

Marine police and a local vessel responded to a Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre [BMOC] call for assistance this afternoon [Aug 25], for a disabled boat adrift with two persons on board and reportedly taking on water while approximately a few miles off Dockyard.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre [BMOC] spokesperson said, “On Friday 25th August at 1:44pm, RCC Bermuda received a 911 call from a concerned member of the public reporting that her son was onboard a boat which is taking on water approximately 5 miles off Dockyard.

“Bermuda Radio contacts vessel operator by cellphone who reports that he started engine but could not raise anchor, and when he cut anchor line the engine cut out. Vessel is now adrift with two persons onboard and taking on water over the stern. Crew are bailing by hand while also trying to rig up a temporary anchor.

“Person is advised to conserve cellphone battery while Bermuda Radio will arrange assistance [Vessel confirmed to be 500 yards west of Eastern Blue Cut]. Bermuda Radio issues an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast [PAN-PAN] while also tasking Marine Police to assist.

“Local vessel ‘Modern Sinbad’ also responds to Bermuda Radio’s call for assistance, departing Robinson’s Marina to the Distress position.

“Marine Police vessel ‘Heron II’ arrives on scene taking the casualty under tow while Modern Sinbad is stood-down and thanked for their assistance.

“Just after 3pm, Heron II reports that the casualty ‘The Butt‘, has managed to restart engine and is making own way [Under escort] back to Dockyard. At 4:30pm, both vessels are confirmed safely alongside in Dockyard.”

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