Boating Community Assist Disabled Vessels

September 7, 2017

Members of Bermuda’s boating community worked with the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre over the weekend which saw three vessels reporting engine or battery failure, and requiring assistance.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “On Friday 1st September 2:31pm, Bermuda Radio received a VHF call from the 22ft F/V ‘’Solace’’ with 2 persons on-board, reporting that vessel is disabled off St David’s Head due to battery failure.

“Bermuda Radio commenced VHF broadcasts to vessels in the vicinity with ‘Moby Dick’ responding to call and taking ‘Solace’ under tow back to St. David’s.”

“On Sunday 2nd September, 11:53am, Bermuda Radio overhears a pontoon boat calling KS Watersports on VHF CH16 and calls vessel to confirm if assistance needed. Boat operator confirms that vessel is broken down off Long Island with 3 persons onboard.

“Engine will not start but anchor has been successfully deployed. Bermuda Radio contacts KS Watersports who arrive on scene half an hour later, taking vessel under tow.”

“On Sunday 3rd September 2:00am, Cellphone call from local 21ft Mariner ‘Cashing Out’, reporting that vessel is disabled on North shore just off Fort George Station with two people on board. Bermuda Radio initiated a broadcast for assistance as F/V ‘Zandi’ responds to call, taking Cashing Out under tow back to Market Wharf in St. George’s.

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