Jordan Lawrence Describes Intern Experience

October 4, 2017

[Written by Jordan Lawrence]

You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take.

When I first heard about the opening to travel to Toronto for an internship programme put on by Aecon and Bermuda Skyport as part of the redevelopment of the LF Wade International Airport, I immediately took advantage of the opportunity, not completely sure of where the road will lead me. Now, five months into the program, I can confidently say that this is an invaluable experience which I do not regret.

At Niagara Falls

Jordan Lawrence Bermuda Oct 2017 (3)

Coming from such a small island to now a large city has broadened my perspective on many aspects of life.

For the first three months of this internship, I worked for a company called Crosslinx; a consortium created to design and deliver the $5.3 billion project of the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit [LRT].

While there, I received daily first-hand insight to not only construction management but field engineering as well. Prior to joining Crosslinx, I had very little exposure in both these areas.

However, due to the mentors and other members of staff, I have a much better understanding and an even greater appreciation for the individuals who specialize in this field of work. This experience allowed me to realize that when initiative is taken, there is nothing out there I cannot learn.


Jordan Lawrence Bermuda Oct 2017 (2)

I have now moved on to work with H.H. Angus, a firm which specializes in mechanical and electrical designs. Currently, I have the pleasure of working amongst a phenomenal team designing all the mechanical systems for the highly anticipated future Bermuda Airport. I have worked on aspects such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC] systems, plumbing, conveyor belt and catwalk layout.

These systems are created in AutoCAD, a computer-aided design program used to create both 2D and 3D drawings. Having a mechanical engineering background has benefitted me in grasping most of the concepts with this company. Furthermore, it has helped me understand the possible challenges any engineer may face on a day to day basis when it comes to the structure of any design.

Canada Day

Jordan Lawrence Bermuda Oct 2017 (1)

Aside from work, I have also taken great pleasure in many of the sights and activities in which Canada has to offer. A few of the more memorable occasions were Canada Day, the annual Honda Indy races, the Canadian National Exhibition [CNE], travelling to Niagara Falls, Blue Jays games, and of course being able to walk across the iconic CN Tower every day.

One thing this country has taught me is how largely diversified this world really is. From the moment I first came to Toronto until now, there hasn’t been one dull moment and I am almost certain I will not encounter any throughout the remainder of my duration.

Although my time here is going by much faster than originally anticipated, I am beyond thankful to be a part of one of the largest projects to go down in Bermuda history. This opportunity has not only helped me grow as a professional, but also in my personal life as well.

Overall, I have enjoyed every single day here as each brings new tasks and challenges in which I confidently pursue. You miss 100% of the chances you don’t take and I would rather swing, miss and learn from an opportunity than allow it to pass me by without attempting.

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  1. Upset voter says:

    Awesome young man and its so great to hear about the good things our young men are doing! All the best with everything and continue to do your best! We appreciate you!

  2. Bermuda needs to come together says:

    An excellent young Bermudian role model.
    A shame that the voices against the airport project couldn’t see how Bermudians are going to benefit from it.
    God Bless this young man- would love to see him back here involved in major projects.

  3. Ok says:

    These are the opportunities provided by the “foreign” company that’s been taking so much s&?@ right? Most Bermudians want a hand out not a hand up… Obviously these companies need Bermudians with the right qualifications…so no foreigner is taking this guys job right….

    • princess says:

      OK: When studies and statistics are done they are done on a group of people as a collective and not individually. One individuals success does not dismantle an oppressive and racist system that was implemented by design, hence we have their desired outcome. The system is functioning just as it was intended to.

      Numerous studies have shown whether they are conducted in Bermuda or globally those of African ancestry are at the bottom when it comes to economics, are overlooked when it comes to hiring and there is also a criminal (in)justice system that has one set of laws for us and another for those of European ancestry.

      • Ok says:

        I agree with everything you said…growing up partly in a “white” country and partly in “black” one…I see the same issues in both…very sad indeed…but at some point in comes to choices. People could be more like this guy and strive to better themselves, as the opportunities are there…but let’s be honest…our youth look up to glorified rappers and now even our young girls have Cardi B as their role models….(and don’t tell me you don’t go up a lil when her song drops)…
        The fast life is sold to us until we realize it takes hard work and dedication to make it…in anything.
        We live rich and die broke…instead of creating wealth.
        Materialism plagues us..but all I’m saying is instead of longing to buy jewlery….learn how to make it.
        Instead of going out every weekend….or every other day in some case…save that money fo education…

        I told my mother it’s harder to be black man than a woman in modern times…and she went off it…until I asked her name me rich role models we have…and she name jay z, diddy, dre, tiger woods…. and then we wonder why most black kids are into rap culture and sports….

        I watched a video the other day, where Gnarls Berkeley (Ex Basketballer and host) was being interviewed…he said he was doing guest speaking at high schools all across the US. He said he asked a simple question…who wants to follow a career in either Sports or music…In the majority white schools only like 10% raised their hands…but in the majority black schools he said that 80% to 90% raised their hands…he then goes on to say this a real problem as only 0.0001 actually make it in these careers…if that.

        So your right…our mentalities are messed….but it’s up to us to change the minds of our children…so they know education is key to betterment of themselves, and also our communities across the globe…

  4. steve says:

    great story.

  5. Kathy says:

    Well written, young man! You are going places with your right mind set and open attitude. Carry on!

    This reminds me of a time I met a young man twenty years ago who had never had the opportunity to fly out of Bermuda as a child. His first trip was to JFK – New York City. I was thinking – can you imagine flying from Bermuda to JFK for the first time when you are 28 years old and seeing how other people in differing countries to yours live and work and enjoy life?

    Travelling is one of the best ways our youth get inspired.

    So proud of this young man for taking advantage of a great opportunity!