Chef d’Estelle Roe & Terreicay Richardson

October 10, 2017

Sous Chef Juliana d’Estelle Roe, of Marcus’ Bermuda, will be working alongside culinary arts student Terreicay Richardson at the upcoming Plates of Passion event run by Bermuda Hospitality Institute, which sees local Culinary Arts students paired up with some of the Island’s top chefs.

POP Sous Chef Juliana d’Estelle Roe & Terreicay Richardson Bermuda Oct 2017

Sous Chef Juliana d’Estelle Roe

How long have you been a professional chef? What inspired that choice?

I’ve been a chef for just over thirteen years. I used to bake with my godmother when I was younger. At the age of fourteen I spent my summer vacation in a neighborhood kitchen, which ignited my passion. Two months after graduating high school, I started my culinary apprenticeship and I’ve been in love with this industry ever since.

What is your culinary arts specialty/ favorite dish to make?

My culinary specialty would have to be working the grill. I really enjoy cooking meat and fresh fish. One of my favourite things to make is soup!

Why did you agree to take part in this year’s Plates of Passion event?

This is actually my first time taking part in Plates of Passion. I agreed to take part mostly for the students, so they could see that Bermudians really do have a place in this industry. I also think that it’s very important, especially as a Bermudian, that we make time to mentor young people because without one such mentor myself, I wouldn’t be where I am today! If the students actually do take it seriously and work hard, there is plenty of room for progression.

What is the biggest reward for you in doing this?

The best reward for me would be seeing my student, Terreicay, become more confident by the end of this experience.

What is the biggest challenge in an event like this?

The biggest challenge will be writing the menu. After that we will have lots of fun perfecting it!

What’s your plan when it comes to preparing for the night? How will you try to stand out above the other teams?

As far as preparation goes, Terreicay and I will be organised and we will be practicing the dishes beforehand. You will have to wait and see how we set ourselves apart!

What do you hope to impart on your student teammate? What lessons do you hope they’ll learn?

I hope to impart confidence and passion. I hope that Terreicay will learn that hard work pays off and that there is nothing she can’t accomplish if she puts her mind to it.

Culinary Arts Student Terreicay Richardson, 19

How long have you been cooking? What inspired you to want to become a chef?

I started cooking when I was a little girl. Watching my family cook and my love for food are what inspired me to become a chef.

What’s your ultimate goal and where you hope to end up in this profession?

I would like to own my own restaurant or something of the sort.

Why did you decide to take part in Plates of Passion?

The reason I decided to participate in Plates of Passion is so that I can get more experience with working with other chefs and also to keep myself busy and engaged.

How are you feeling about the event and being paired with Sous Chef Juliana d’Estelle Roe?

I think that all the chefs taking part in the event are good chefs, but I especially like that I am paired with a female chef.

What do you hope to get out of the experience overall?

I hope to gain more knowledge in the kitchen.

This is the fourth in a series of profiles of the teams behind the 2017 Plates of Passion event, a one-of-a-kind dining and fundraising event run by Bermuda Hospitality Institute, which sees local Culinary Arts students paired up with some of the Island’s top chefs.

This year’s sold-out event takes place on Wednesday, November 1; leading up to the event students will have an opportunity to shadow their mentor chef, collaborate to create recipes and then assist with meal preparation on the night.

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  1. DBL says:

    Good for you Terreicay, I am sure you are making your mother proud. Keep at it and aim for the top. You can do this.

    • Edwina says:

      Yes she is making me VERY PROUD!!! THANKS FOR THE COMMENT

  2. Awesome Niece. I am extremely proud of you. Bermuda’s Top Chef in the making.

  3. Patricia Robinson says:

    Good Luck to both you and your student Julianna. I know you will do an excellent job.