BLDC: Building Available For Rent In Southside

November 1, 2017

The Bermuda Land Development Company [BLDC] is seeking Expressions of Interest for a building in Southside.

The information flyer “For Rent: Standalone building with street frontage & parking. Ideal for restaurant or café.

“Perfectly located to attract customers from Southside’s existing community, daytime workforce, beach tourists, Airport/St. Regis Hotel construction workers and regular traffic passing along St. David’s Road.

“This shopfront is awaiting fit-out and personal detail. The building, located next to the Southside Police Station, offers approximately 1,742 sq ft.

“All interested parties will be required to submit a business plan prior to November 17, 2017. Contact us today for a viewing.”

BLDC Expression of Interest Bermuda Nov 2017

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  1. Onion Jiuce says:

    Perfect! This can be the new Ellis (lil Walt) Island! Nana Peggy can run it.

  2. Wassup says:

    You are kidding us! Restaurant or cafe? Next to the cop shop? Right, where is the footfall?
    And that picture – wow talk about photoshopped!

  3. Holy Moly says:

    Go for it somebody … if you have the resources. Loads of potential at Southside. Great idea!

  4. St. David's says:

    If the road it was on was open from Gate 1 then it would make sense. As is, you’ll have to go down to Gate 2, turn in and back past the police. Unless you’re on a bike and can go through the oleanders. :)