Photos: PwC Help Clean Up Railway Trail Area

January 10, 2018

PwC Bermuda pitched in to help clear an overgrown section of the Bermuda Railway Trail near Shelly Bay on Sunday.

The team of volunteers worked throughout the morning, assisting in the cutting back of a large amount of vegetation and trees, mowing the grass, raking the ground and picking up debris and litter.

A Department of Parks spokesman said: “We are very grateful to the PwC team for their assistance and to staff from the Park Service and Lifeguard Service who volunteered to work alongside PwC. The progress that was made in the short period of time was amazing!”

Jennifer McConnell of PwC said: “It was an extremely rewarding morning working on this community landscaping project with colleagues, their families and friends.”

Nicholas Thomas of PwC said: “I think we made a big difference to the trail and despite the cold and windy weather on Sunday, we all enjoyed volunteering to help clean up the Bermuda Railway Trail.”

Railway Trail Bermuda Jan 10 2018 (3)

Railway Trail Bermuda Jan 10 2018 (1)

Railway Trail Bermuda Jan 10 2018 (2)

Railway Trail Bermuda Jan 10 2018 (4)

Railway Trail Bermuda Jan 10 2018 (5)

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  1. Keep Bermuda Beautiful says:

    Congratulations to all involved! This is the kind of community spirit that is essential to our wellbeing and prosperity. Particularly in the last quarter of a financial year when budgetary resources may be low, there is still capability of getting a job done through the efforts of kind-hearted individuals who volunteer. Double kudos to PWC for assisting Parks, and for also donating furniture to charities following their recent move and refurbishment.

  2. Seascape says:

    Well done PwC! I think it is great that you did this.

    The problem I have is that Government does not keep it clean. It won’t be long before it is overgrown again.

    We seem to be having this problem over and over again. We have trees and weeds growing on the side of the roads. In particular, middle road from Flatts until SAL has several areas that need to be cleared by the property owners or Government. I think Windy Bank’s property is one of the areas. Clean up Bermuda. We have to drive towards the centre line to avoid our cars being scratched. NOT Good.

    Again, well done PwC! Hope it is maintained this way.

  3. Kathy says:

    Well done on your hard work!