Column: ‘Truth About Dec 2 Must Be Revealed’

February 9, 2018

[Opinion column written by MP Chris Famous] 

On December 1, 2017, the House of Assembly agreed to establish a Parliamentary Joint Select Committee to carry out an inquiry into the events of, and leading up to, December 2nd, 2016.

Chris Famous Bermuda Feb 9 2018

This Committee is tasked to:

  • 1. “to inquire into the events as aforesaid as thoroughly as may be;
  • 2. to bring closure to this event by the making of all proper and necessary findings, recommendations and where required sanctions;
  • 3. and to submit its report to the House of Assembly within three to six months.”

The Parliamentary Joint Select Committee shall:

  • 1. identify the key or relevant decision-makers of the precipitating actions which led to the main events of the inquiry;
  • 2. send for all persons, papers and records that are relevant to the Committee’s mandate to thoroughly inquire into the events;
  • 3. examine all persons who are or were accountable for decisions, deployments, and acts or omissions on December 2nd, 2016 whether as Premier, Ministers, Public Officers, Civil Servants or Constitutional Office Holders

Allow me a few minutes to remind the public of a few historical facts.

Fact 1:

“What transpired in Bermuda last Friday was disheartening to see and unacceptable. Let me be very clear, I don’t condone the violence that occurred against our citizens and was deeply troubled by what occurred.” – Premier Michael H. Dunkley [December 4, 2016]

Fact 2:

“As it relates to the operations on Friday, I wish to advise that as Minister I was not consulted, nor informed of the tactical options discussed and decided upon by the Bermuda Police Service or anyone else on Friday.” – National Security Minister Jeff Baron [December 5, 2016]

Fast forward to December 1st, 2017 the official Hansard records will show the following:

“The Member, Mr. Speaker, is misleading the House. At no point did I ever say that I did not . . . that I was not aware of the police operation at all. Completely misleading.” – MP Jeff Baron

“I can remember. I said, I’ve had enough. I am not staying in this cooped-up room here like this here. I walked around the block, coming around Marketplace here only to walk into members who had just been pepper-sprayed. I was like, Oh, my goodness! What have we done? What have we done?”

“So I am asking you to press the envelope for answers. You brought it to this Honourable House; I want some answers, Honourable Member from constituency 2. I want some answers. So press the envelope for these answers.” – MP Craig Cannonier

Not one OBA MP objected to this JSC being set up. Not one.

The bi-partisan JSC was subsequently set up comprising the following persons; Senate President, Senator Joan Dillas Wright, PLP MPs Kim Swan, Michael Scott, Neville Tyrell, and Tinee Furbert, One Bermuda Alliance [OBA] MP Ben Smith and Senator Andrew Simons

Some salient points for the people to consider:

  • The former Minister of National Security initially stated he knew nothing about the police operation
  • One year later he says he knew about it
  • Yet another former Premier stated emphatically “What have we done, what have we done?” and says he wants answers.
  • The former Premier stated this was “violence against Bermudians”.
  • One year later he refused to speak on the December 1st motion about that same “violence against Bermudians”.
  • A Joint Select committee of representatives from both parties is picked by the Speaker of the House.
  • They then begin to press the envelope and suddenly the same former Premier who refused to speak on the motion has a problem with the JSC and decides to run to the media before meeting with the Speaker of the House why he won’t testify about his role during that day of “violence against Bermudians”.
  • Chief among his claim is that he is “most concerned that certain members of the PJSC will not be able to conduct themselves in an unbiased way having regard to the comments made by them during this debate”

Three things come to mind to many Bermudians:

  • 1. Who exactly is the former Premier labelling as “unable to conduct themselves in an unbiased way”
  • 2. The former Premier seemingly has little to no respect for the Speakers ability to pick a fair and unbiased JSC.
  • 3. Most worrisome it seems that the former Premier seemingly does not want to answer questions of a duly selected Joint Select Committee.

In any regards, the truth about December 2nd 2016 must and will be revealed.

- Chris Famous can be contacted via email at or Twitter at @ryderz777


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Comments (38)

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  1. Sigh says:

    You’re an MP now, just get to work.

    • Yahoo says:

      He won’t stop until his “truth” is repeated enough times to become the accepted truth. Famous is a bad joke.

  2. Well done says:


    • Heyy says:

      We need identify the people who stirred up emotions, wound up the crowd , asked people not to worry about being arrested and made a normally peaceful people break the law.

      Without their actions the police would have never deployed pepper spray.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Agree, but unlikely they will be called to testify or show their phone, text and e mail records. How many more investigations are needed? Why won’t the PLP release the independent report on the airport that they asked for? Or the AC35 KPMG Report? Totally independent but clearly don’t support the PLP spin.

        This is a majority biased committee to put together a biased report.

      • Munga says:

        The Parliamentary Joint Select Committee shall:
        4. Identify the persons who organised the march who placed the protesters in compromising and illegal positions and hold them accountable for the crowds actions.?????

  3. Politricks says:

    “Who exactly is the former Premier labelling as “unable to conduct themselves in an unbiased way””

    That would be the people who have stated, on record and publicly, their beliefs that what occurred on that day is down to one persons or persons fault. They have already stated their position. Beginning with the chosen Chairperson.

    Amazing how the PLP never accepts independent reports, but will onyl rely on their politically biased findings.

    I wonder if the JSC will recall the PLP’s encouragement of the protest

  4. Justin says:

    People were illegally blocking The House and got pepper sprayed. Done.

    What would be a shame is of people got pepper sprayed for nothing. Why doesn’t your party release the report on the airport?!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      They didn’t , and won’t , get the answers they’re looking for until some twisted group completely re-writes history so that the OBA is made to look like it was their initiative . That report will be kept spic and span on a shelf in Alaska Hall and brought out in the run-up to the next election .

  5. Double S says:

    So let me get this straight Mr. Famous. The Blue Ribbon Panel (who reviewed the airport deal), whose members were not sitting MPs or retained any other such affiliation with the OBA government, were derided by the PLP and their supporters as not being independent and thus their findings impartial and null and void.

    But this Committee picked by members of the same Party that openly and publicly called for this protest can be considered to be independent.

    Bermuda is truly another world.

    • Point boy says:

      Wow. Absolutely spot on.
      The hypocrisy of the plp is amazing!

  6. JohnBoy says:

    Is this still a thing???? Please!!

  7. Get to work will you! says:

    Chris, so what are you doing about creating jobs or growing the economy or closing the income gap? Stop wasting everyone’s time and ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING! or give us back your MP salary

  8. Dr. Pepper says:

    We do not need a committee to tell us what happened we saw it all on video…people were blocking access to parliament, they were asked to move and protest peacefully, they did not, police showed up and were assaulted, people got pepper sprayed. PLP ministers, union leaders and even a foreigner were there but they seem to have avoided being pepper sprayed…..hmmm maybe we should look into why they never got sprayed.

    I fear that the current government are trying to stay relevant by keeping us in the past when there is real work to be done such as fixing busses, trash trucks and schools.

    24-12 FMG!

  9. Rada Gast says:

    I’m sure the PLP and the mob that is the Peoples’ Campaign will keep on calling for investigations until they get the answer they want.

  10. Onion says:

    The key test of the committee is if it points the finger at misinformation by the PLP and robocalls from the now-Premier.

    If not then it’s simply not credible.

  11. Clint says:

    The “violence against Bermudians” is in actual fact a ‘use of justified force against citizens who are breaking the law’


  12. agatha christie says:

    This is why it should not be a parliamentary committee – although he is not on it, mr famous was at the scene on December 2, he got pepper-sprayed. He is part of the PLP caucus, he is part of the parliamentary group – they discuss the issues, they share opinions.

    And don’t tell me he wrote this – as his writing has improved 100 fold since he became an MP ….

  13. Anbu says:

    News flash chris. Nobody gives a rats behind abt december 2nd. The people who were breaking the law got what they deserved. And it is partly your (YES YOU) fault. Funny how you and yours are always afraid to accept responsibility and are the first to try and pin blame elsewhere. U supported the law breakers and influenced them to do so. Should have used tear gas if u ask me. Now accept responsibility, apologise for getting your own people hurt and for god sakes. Shut up and get the hell to work already. What exactly makes you qualified for your position again?

  14. Spanner breath says:

    The truth must be revealed about:
    Port royal
    And all the other OVERRUNS also.

  15. Warlord2 says:

    The truth is they broke the law.

  16. Excellent, Chris. Continue to press and press for the truth.
    Oba had vicious plans in place. Remember the former Finance Minister thinking and saying he was better educated than you??
    What a fool he was. The others too.
    Yes, Chris.
    Jeff Baron had to have some involvement in the decision-making process.He is not void of responsibility.What about the commissioner for police and the OTHER GUY.
    They had to have been involved. Who had the total power to give such an instruction??
    Seek them, Chris, then there should be consequences for such an atrocious act!!

    • Youranorc says:

      Yes Chris will continue the BS because his party lacks any real platform or successful record to garner legitamate trust.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Great satire/sarcasm. You”ll go far. The perpetrators will believe what you said is true/are facts.

  17. cpm says:

    Famous you are a joke-an independent committee of 4 plp and 1 oba and you think that is ok

  18. Up D hill says:

    Why arn’t you as vocal about EB and Leahy , Port Royal, Dockyard Pier, Court Building?? Why don’t you target the truth in those Mr Famous? Oh while we are at it why not look a little deeper into EB and these BS press releases pretending to be a victim!!!

  19. Oh really says:

    Mr Famous you tell me any other country that would allow the blocking of cabinet and not take force. They were asked to move, asked to protest peacefully so what else were the police too do. No matter what the police did on that day you people would have reacted. So they got sprayed grow up and gets on with the people’s business. Let’s talk about the real issues Port Royal, Lahey, dockyard wharf etc yeah We know you will not deal or comment on that. A lot of people have issues there yet you and you colleagues will not address it. A bunch of jokers getting paid for a whole lot on nothing .

    • Oh really says:

      Straightforward there should be stick consequences for Lahey, Port Royal, the wharf, etc etc why don’t you push for answers for that. They were warned they did not adhere so they felt. And what!!! Anywhere else in the world would have treated them worse and looked them senior or not. You play the fool you must pay.

  20. Me says:

    Where are the new jobs Chris? forget the smokescreens ur elected now show us get to work

  21. cpm says:

    I am waiting for your report on the illegal trafficking into Bermuda of the Uighars at the dead of night in a clandestine operation by you know who

  22. Anti B says:

    famous go away please you bore us.

  23. facts of the rock says:

    as usual,the truth hurts init!

  24. Oh really says:

    I wish he would go away. About time he started earning his pay. Do something constructive please.

  25. Spanner breath says:

    Guess your now thinking something’s are better left unsaid.

  26. Zevon says:

    I’d like the truth about Four Seasons Gate and all that was going on there.