Column: We’re Bermudians, We Are Not Animals

February 8, 2017

[Opinion column written by Chris Famous]

Two months later and not one word on the investigation of Bermudians being pepper sprayed. Exactly how long does it take to prove what is clearly shown on video?

Bermudian people are not violent nor are we revengeful. So the actions by the BPS, supported by the OBA that we have to be kept in our place in some “pig pen” sort of contraption simply shows what they think of us.

Police at House Bermuda February 3 2017 (3)

Let us not waste a minute more arguing with those who see us as not worthy of being on public grounds. Wasting time on social media only serves to take us away from what we need to be focusing on….uplifting ourselves, our families and our communities.

Have no doubt, an election is looming within the next 11 months as per OBA MP Leah Scott’s latest online posting.

Leah Scott Bermuda February 2017 2

The irony is that the people that the OBA want the police to keep far away from them in February will be the same people that the OBA will be begging to vote for them before this year is over.

Consider that there are over 5,000 Civil Servants the OBA will suddenly attempt to be friendly to; the same union members that they planned on cutting their pay in 2015.

The OBA will possibly soon put out posters of them hugging children who attend mold-infested government schools that have been neglected because tens of millions of dollars are being spent in Dockyard.

The OBA will soon knock on the doors of people that have not seen them since the last election. So wasting time arguing with people online does not equate to votes.

Chris Famous TC February 8 2017

Please ensure that you and your children are properly registered to vote and come out to show them that we are not going to be herded like animals into a cage.

If you are not sure if you are properly registered or need to be registered, please feel free to call or whatsapp me on 599-0901.

We are Bermudians, we are not animals.

- Chris Famous can be contacted via email at or Twitter at @ryderz777


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Comments (33)

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  1. flikel says:

    Someone please help me to understand why the pepper spraying incident is receiving so much attention.

    The protesters deliberately blocked access to parliament and hence, broke the law. The police are well in their remit to use pepper spray and other means to control the crowd. So why the need for an investigation?

    Protesters accept the risk of police confrontation, accept the risk of getting arrested, accept the risk of fines…so why all the fuss about this pepper spraying incident?

    • Truth says:

      Agree. The video shows people breaking the law and the police enforcing it. Plain and simple. Am I missing something? Did CF watch a different video?

  2. Double S says:

    Mold huh?

    That policeman that was awarded $5mn or so in damages due to mold exposure took place under the PLP’s reign.

    Same with the public school teacher.

    But yet the PLP found hundreds of millions of vanity projects in which their friends and families personally profited from (i.e. Court House and Port Royal).

    Famous didn’t care then and he doesn’t care now.

    • Compare Notes? says:

      Famous. You say that there are 5000 civil servants that the OBA will try and cozy up to after they tried to cut their pay in 2015? But, you stood by, watched in silence and allowed hundreds of those same workers to not show up for work in order to support Tweed? Those bus drivers and others did not get paid for those days. Despite the fact that they pay union dues, the union did not give the workers a single penny! And for what? Where were you when we learned that what the BIU and PLP were telling us about this so called “son of the soil” and birthright to Bermuda, his completed application and advertisement of that post were all lies! Which cost those same people more, the proposed reduction in pay / furlough day – or the loss of pay that each civil service member has taken since 2015 to blindly follow the PLP / BIU. Add to that number the dues that each member pays and deduct any monies $0 that the Union has paid back to each member.

      I await your reply.

      • Compare Notes? says:

        Oh, and on response to your comment: “Wasting time on social media only serves to take us away from what we need to be focusing on….uplifting ourselves, our families and our communities” I wonder what your feelings are on the many talk shows and their dedicated listeners and callers?

  3. Sorry Chris – those that blocked the House will never vote for the OBA they are all PLP supporters. BTW – those that were there are not a true representation of what the rest of Bda feel on this issue.

  4. Memberberries says:

    Don’t be dramatic. You couldn’t play by the rules so there has to be a controlled protest area like in other countries.

  5. San George says:

    Animals live better and are treated better than a large portion of this population in this country – you should really get out and have a look. When was the last time someone patted you on the head or threw you a bone?

  6. bdaboy says:

    “We are Bermudians, we are not animals.”

    …yet, you behave like animals and then cry when you get slapped for it.
    Grow up, show us how much better you are and stop playing the victim.

  7. watching says:

    Untrue Mr. famous.
    To the OBA leadership we aren’t humans, we aren’t even animals. They treat their animals better than they treat the majority of us. Premier Dunkley shows his dog on facebook relatively often and he gets the royal treatment.
    To the OBA, we should simply just thank our lucky stars they swooped in to save the day. We should trust them without question, and we should just allow them to do what they please.

    • Truth says:

      Most dogs I know have better attitudes, manners and are smarter than this rent-a-crew of protestors. As for Premier Dunkley’s dog, I can’t remember the last time it called a female MP an “F’ing B*%@h.”

  8. sonso says:

    What a new low CF!

    No limit to the depth of your straw-grasping is there?

    • Noncents says:

      @ sonso

      Agree. This is a pathetic attempt to play on peoples emotions with inflammatory language. Its truly a new low.

      CF is a “political commentator” but has shown a continued inability to be impartial in his nonsensical writings. His opinion pieces are littered with half truths and lies. When he acknowledges some of the atrocious behavior of his beloved PLP, then I will take him seriously. Until then just ignore him.

  9. smh says:

    Right on cue. Next up….the People’s Campaign

  10. Ty says:

    Mr. Famous – You are actually quite scary. Your thought process frightens me. Scurred o you.

    “Bermudian people are not violent nor are we revengeful. So the actions by the BPS, supported by the OBA that we have to be kept in our place in some “pig pen” sort of contraption simply shows what they think of us.”

    Did you see your own picture on the fateful day back in December….. pull it up and then ask YOURSELF the question.

  11. lateral says:

    There is so much wrong with that columns, so many lies and falsehoods.

  12. Zevon says:

    The Accountant General wasn’t an animal either, when he was led away in handcuffs for doing his job.

  13. Miguelito says:

    Take another look Mr. Famous…does that chaotic scene look like a peaceful demonstration to you? Looks to me like the police did the right thing to control this pointless mob. Go back to sleep, Chris. We have a police force to maintain order. That group wasn’t interested in order or they wouldn’t have been forcibly blocking the entrance gate.

  14. Jahstice says:

    This guy famous is an idiot.

  15. wahoo says:

    You insult the average intelligence of Bermudians, I cannot believe that you would stoop so low. Please up your game if you really want a vote of confidence.

  16. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    “Bermudian people are not violent nor are we revengeful”. Oh really..? I just had to laugh at that statement.
    If that was the case we wouldn’t be having this wasted conversation.
    Unfortunately making a statement like this really makes anything else you say null and void …credibility shot.
    I can’t help but compare these “protesters” to the butt hurt democrats in the USA…so I guess y’all will continue with your arrogance and ignorance until YOU destroy Bermuda…Then what will you do when the money people close their businesses due to the aggravation which they deem not worth operating here on this pebble in the ocean…remember this…They have made their fortunes already…do you think you can just continue on as if nothing has changed…do you think you could just occupy the empty buildings that they leave behind..?

    That sad part is that most of you don’t understand YOUR role in life…WE cannot ALL be the top gun…


  17. Up D hill says:

    Chis Famous is not versed in anyway to the real feeling of Bermudians like me! Nore does he want to. He is a quack!

  18. HISTORY says:

    people were instructed by police on where they could stand.(police even controlled traffic for the event)

    then police tried to push them down.

  19. bluwater says:

    The Police you bully are Bermudians too.

  20. Comfortably numb says:

    Ironically there was a photo published in the media of Mr Famous, in his Belco work clothes, snarling at the police officers who were merely doing their job ensuring law and order prevailed. Authorized time off that day Mr Famous?

  21. 32n64w says:

    The sad irony is PLP talking heads will complain incessantly about the sting of pepper spray that lasted but a few minutes (House of India serves food causing a longer physical reaction … sometimes into the next morning), yet remain willfully silent and beligerantly unaware when it comes to the PLP’s well documented record of fiscal incompetency during the last two Premiers’ administrations that will negatively impact the livelihoods of ALL Bermudians for generations to come. Party before country. Every time.

    The selective amnesia and outright hypocrisy is astounding.

  22. Silence Do Good says:

    Ok let tote out all the ill conceived plans, controversy that ended in “gate,” the general disrepair of our infrastructure and the fact that civil servant did not receive pay increasing in how many years while other Bermudians languished in unemployment or under employment. Let us admit to ourselves that the OBA did not live up to the election promises in full but also admit that they did do things to help right the ship and manage the country with what they had available. All the while taking licks from the PC, PLP, Unions and the hardcore PLP base over any attempts in bailing the water.

    If we are going to tote out these things and judge one side then we equal have to examine the PLP not only in the tenure as loyal opposition but in their handling of the country and the economy in their tenure as the previous government. I really don’t want to hear “every country manages debt” because I am not a kinder garden student and know other countries offset debt with exports. What do we have to sell? Let us not all be cogs in the wheel but take a honest look at how we got here and where we would like to go in the future.

    Personally, I would not vote for either party in the next election but I have to make a choice in a representative that I feel will best represent my interest. Give me a creditable independent in my constituency and they will get my vote over party politricks any day.

  23. Realist says:

    Christopher Famous you are a manipulative piece of a human being. Why don’t you start working on your character of falsehood before trying to cast your toxic written verbiage! You are doing yourself a disservice. I would never ever vote for a PLP government because of you and others like you representing the party.

  24. Abide by the law and there will be no need for pepper spray come on you losers the more you all talk the more you chase voters away.sorry finished with you sorry bunch of losers

  25. steve says:

    some folks didnt listen to police,some got a little rowdy,some acted like A holes.. resulting in some pepper spray pain.
    Are we just a bunch of Big mouthed softies?Seems so.