Arbitrade Now Listed On Registrar of Companies

July 10, 2018

The Government’s Registrar of Companies Directory now shows a listing for Arbitrade, the start up technology firm which has been in the news lately.

The listed company directors are Leonard Schutzman, Lawrence Howard Meyer, Mohammed Amin Markatia, Brent Michael Longnecker, Charles Hamlin Woodworth Jr, Daniel Francis Sweet, Jason Douglas Springett and John Francis MacNeil; with the majority having US addresses and two having Canadian addresses.

Whilst the company is registered, there are additional processes involved with launching ICOs or digital exchanges.

Earlier today, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines explained that “all companies wishing to launch an ICO or run a digital exchange in Bermuda are subject to a stringent assessment and review process. This is consistent with the Digital Asset Business Act 2018 and the ICO Legislation of 2018.

“The regulatory framework crafted jointly by the BMA, the Bermuda Government and administered by the BMA, employs a robust programme of vetting and analysis that is built to affirm the quality of new applicants.

“The application requirements are structured to mitigate risks to consumers, investors and the reputation of Bermuda. To be clear, once the Acts fully come into effect, any company will need to follow the application process. Therefore any discussions about potential offerings or exchanges are premature.”

Arbitrade attracted interest after making a number of ambitious and interesting statements, including saying they are buying the Victoria Hall property in Bermuda, plan to donate $1 million to the Government’s co-working space, plan to donate to a programme in which they said gang members will be paid to work on chicken farms on the island, and are being granted title to $10 billion worth of gold bullion.

Their website states that, “Arbitrade is not just an ordinary trade exchange platform. It is the highest standard of an all-in-one merchant banking platform for the cryptocurrency sector.

“Together with several partnering countries, Arbitrade will deliver the easiest options to buy into cryptocurrencies, sell out of cryptocurrencies, trade cryptocurrencies, and use cryptocurrencies on a daily basis.

“The platform is the highest standard in existence and is 100% insured against all deposits, earns you interest for your deposits in accounts, and pays you for sharing it with others.”

Screenshot from the official Government register of companies:

arbitrade Bermuda July 10 2018

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Comments (14)

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  1. Redrose says:

    Has the finance minister given the tok to buy Victoria hall?

  2. Retro says:

    How embarrassing! Maybe we should reach out to Bernie Madoff to see if he wants to launch an ico.

  3. Family Man says:

    Who is the Bermuda Representative or Local Director?
    Who is the Corporate Secretary and where is the Registered Office?

    It seems Mr. Springett has chased a lot of hot topics recently. He was a Director of Alta Vista Ventures Ltd, a company setup to acquire junior mining companies. That was bit dull so they decided to venture into the Canadian Medical Marijuana business and Mr. Springett also consulted on the marijuana business in Colorado. The Company then decided they would change their name to Global UAV Technologies and in 2017 they were claiming to be the leader in the commercial unmanned aerial vehicle sector and subsequently Mr. Springett was no longer associated with the renamed Alta Vista. Now he pops up as a director of Arbitrade, a digital coin exchange. Obviously a man of many talents.

  4. sandgrownan says:

    Troy James (aka Hogg) exposed – look it up if you haven’t already. This is a massive problem

  5. facts of the rock says:

    hopefully arbitrade will be the downfall of the plp!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      ~hopefully arbitrade will be the downfall of the plp!~

      Hardly . Won’t make the slightest bit of no never mind .
      Despite all of the other previous downfalls they still get elected.
      Race trumps all , NOT downfalls !

  6. Uncle Fester says:

    It looks like the genius’ in govt haven’t heard to saying, “The more you squeeze, the more sand slips through your fingers.”

    Their desperation to be ‘leaders’ in fintech will result in the Island being seen as a bleeder instead.

    There are red flags all over the shop with this deal and it’s making any due-diligence look like an exercise in due-incompetence.

    The govt deserves to have their noses rubbed in the dog muck this “deal” will leave behind. Sadly, for the citizens of Bermuda, this won’t happen and a potentially valuable addition to the Island’s economy will be lost as a result of greed, arrogance and incompetence.

  7. Family Man says:

    A bit surprised not to see Andre Curtis listed as a Director?

  8. Rocky5 says:

    ArbitradeGate! Makes Jetgate look like a molehill. “$1M donation to the Bermuda Govt ???

  9. sandgrownan says:

    It appears Troy Hogg was less than truthful again regarding his gold bullion backer in Dubai.

  10. The Good says:

    I am choking on the terrible smell!!!

  11. Chicken Farms says:

    “plan to donate to a programme in which they said gang members will be paid to work on chicken farms on the island”

    hahahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahha :|

  12. Hoggjames says:

    So Hogg is not what he seems and the $10bn in gold, if it exists, is held by an unlicensed dealer.

    The government is paying for their office premises, and in return they will set up a chicken farm.

    This is all going so well isn’t it.

    PS they say their depositors are “100% insured”. By who? Someone tell me the government is not insuring their depositors FFS.

  13. Carlton says:

    if it looks like a duck ,smells like a duck, walks like a duck it is a DUCK I hope there is a weasel out of this plan eh eh embarassed