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October 2, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

A lawyer for a man accused of being involved with Bermuda’s “biggest heroin seizure” asked the court for a trial date, noting that he has been in custody for over a year since his arrest.

In September 2017, Josef Vleck, from the Czech Republic, is alleged to have been caught with nearly three kilograms of heroin, worth approximately $8.5 million.

He has been in court multiple times since then, but his case has yet to go to trial as a language barrier has plagued the case.

Mr Vleck speaks very limited English, and there have been issues finding a translator who speaks Czech.

In yesterday’s appearance, after Mr Vleck greeted her in English, Supreme Court Justice Charles-Etta Simmons told the defendant, “You may solve the issue of the interpreter. You’re speaking very well.”

His lawyer, Susan Mulligan, asked Justice Simmons to set a trial date and mentioned some of the discussions with the Registrar about identifying a person who might be able to assist with the language barrier.

Ms Mulligan asked for a trial date to be set since Mr Vleck has been in custody for more than a year.

His next court appearance is Wednesday, October 3.

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