Court: Interpreters Needed To Proceed To Trial

January 10, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

A Czech man who has experienced problems getting trial date set because of a lack of interpreters apparently has issues getting a dentist appointment as well.

Josef Vleck, from the Czech Republic, has been awaiting trial for over a year, since his arrest in September 2017, for allegedly importing $8.5 in heroin.

Mr Vleck — who has denied the charge — has had his trial delayed because of a lack of interpreters.

Appearing before Supreme Court Justice Charles-Etta Simmons, Mr Vleck read out a statement in broken English that sounded like “Black Saturn broken my tooth. I need repairing, Amen.”

His lawyer said Mr Vleck did get an x-ray for his broken tooth which is now affecting a tooth next to it. She said her client had been given an insufficient amount of pain killer.

“This is an ongoing problem,” his lawyer told the court.

At this time, Mr Vleck interrupted the proceedings by shouting “Black Saturn, repair my teeth! Black Saturn, repair my teeth!”

The Justice asked Ms Mulligan to speak to someone in authority to help take care of Mr Vleck’s ongoing teeth problem.

Ms Mulligan then told the court the latest person they tried to get as an interpreter is unsuitable as even though that person’s understanding of Czech was fine, their ability to translate into English was not good enough.

In order for Mr Vleck’s case to proceed to trial, two interpreters are needed – one for the court, and one for the defence.

His next court appearance is scheduled for January 24.

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