Sea Story ‘Bermuda Privateer’ Released

October 28, 2018

A newly published book titled The Bermuda Privateer: The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels is “an action-filled sea story with layered storylines and a modern storyteller’s voice.”

The book’s description says, “All sea stories should tell you something new, and The Bermuda Privateer meets that criterion in spades. Fast paced and covering an area new to me; I was enthralled by the author’s encyclopedic knowledge of the Caribbean. There are battles and conspiracies galore, with engaging characters and thrilling actions.”

“Nicholas Fallon is captain of the schooner Sea Dog, a privateer that is fast, beautiful and deadly. Unbound by Royal Navy tradition, Fallon enjoys total independence in where he goes, how he fights, and whom he takes as crew. A woman—Beauty McFarland—is his second-in-command.

“It’s 1796, and Sea Dog’s owner, Ezra Somers, employs Fallon to protect his Caribbean salt trade from French privateers and pirates. Wicked Jak Clayton is especially ruthless. When the two meet just off the Bahamas, even Fallon’s cunning can’t overcome their mismatch in firepower and desertion by a cowardly ally.

“Later, in Bermuda, Fallon is enlisted by the Royal Navy to intercept a Spanish flotilla carrying gold and silver to France. But a massive hurricane halts the British attack on the Spanish transports, driving several ships, including Fallon’s, onto the Florida shore. Held by Spanish soldiers, Fallon and the surviving crew escape by turning enemies into friends. Once free, only one mission remains. Wicked Jak Clayton must die!

“The Bermuda Privateer is an action-filled sea story with layered storylines and a modern storyteller’s voice.”

The Bermuda Privateer October 2018

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  1. VinceD says:

    Privateers were essentially PIRATES with government protection in order to pursue less than legal goals in wealth, dominance, and control of the seas. Being a privateer was only legal in relation to the countries you had papers for and in this case would be the British Empire.

    Bermuda being a British Colony was full of these Privateers/Pirates and during that time Blacks/Colored people were enslaved and the Privateer/Pirate, did not have to pay them for their work on the seas, hence the generational wealth in many white families today!

    • Jonathan Land Evans says:

      Privateers were only authorised during wartime, and only to act against the vessels of countries against whom one was at war. Privateering was perfectly legal under both domestic and international law. Quite a few black Bermudians, both slave and free, would have benefited economically from privateering.