Sylvia Eastley Netball Tournament Underway

October 21, 2018

The Sylvia Eastley Tournament got underway this weekend nd will continue next week with a winner being crowned.

After taking part in the Dress Parade, the teams heard opening remarks from First Vice President Tanika White.

This year will see the Lindo’s Tigers, Phoenix Heat, North Village Lady Rams, Robin Hood Ladies, the Storm Lightening and the Storm Thunder all vying for the league title.

The event started with a Shooting Competition that was won by Charlene Gomez from the Lindo’s Tigers hitting 9 out of her 10 shots. The Lindo’s Tigers won the team event 16 of 20, finishing in 2nd place was the Storm Thunder hitting 13 of 20 and finishing in third was Storm Lightening who hit 10 of 20.


  • Lindo’s Tigers 6 Storm Thunder 6
  • North Village Lady Rams 13 Robin Hood Ladies 8
  • Phoenix Heat 8 Storm Lightening 7
  • Lindo’s Tigers 9 Robin Hood Ladies 1
  • Storm Thunder 10 Storm Lightening 7
  • Storm Lightening 9 Lindo’s Tigers 7
  • Pheonix Heat 9 Robin Hood Ladies 4


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