Benn To Run 48.6 Miles In Memory Of Twins

November 21, 2018

Stephen Benn ran his first Disney Marathon Weekend last year in memory of his twins Alexander Ethon and Natasha Elizabeth, who would have celebrated their first birthdays last year, and is set to compete again in January 2019.

The challenging race series sees runners compete in 5K, 10K, half marathon and then a full marathon all within a few days, for a total of 48.6 miles.

Dopey Challenge Bermuda Nov 2018 (2)

For their pregnancy announcement, Sarah Benn wore a shirt that said “Future Disney Addicts” on the front.

The Benn twins were born shortly after noon on November 19, 2016 weighing just over a pound each. Their mother, Sarah had been admitted to KEMH almost 2 weeks prior, as medical staff did what they could to keep the babies from arriving too soon.

Once the babies had reached 23 weeks gestation Sarah was transferred to another facility with an appropriate NICU. Despite the best efforts of many people, the babies died the morning of November 24, 2016.

In hopes to bring some good from this tragic loss, Stephen Benn will be running on January 9th thru 13th 2019 in the “Dopey Challenge” at Disney World.

In order to honour the memory of his twins and to help support anyone else who has lost a baby or for those who have had to rely on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at any hospital, Stephen is hoping to raise funds to give to selected charities that support both infant loss and NICU.

Dopey Challenge Bermuda Nov 2018 (1)

The Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust said they are honoured to be chosen by the Benn family as one of the charities receiving their support.

To read more, or make a donation please go here or email, and you can join the Facebook group here.

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Comments (16)

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  1. Simon Boden says:

    Well Done Steve!

  2. Franklin Jr says:

    Crazy, amazing, but crazy

    Good luck and well done

  3. Francesca Cacace says:

    Thinking of you and Sarah always! #RunfortheNICU!

  4. TI says:

    My heart, prayers and appreciation goes out to this brave couple. I will never forget our first experience in the NICU.

  5. Ryan Clark says:

    Godspeed, Steve!

    • Stephen Benn says:

      Haha, thanks, need all the speed I can get!

      I’m not quick by any stretch, but I get it done.

      Last year it took a little over 12 hours, this year I’m aiming for under 11

  6. Stephen Benn says:

    Thanks everyone! Please check out the facebook group (link pasted below) if you want to keep up to date on how the fundraising and races go.

  7. Pete says:

    Inspiring. Crazy, but inspiring.

  8. Amy says:

    Well done. Happy to support this worthy cause and you and Sarah again this year.

  9. Aaron Medeiros says:

    Way to go S-Benn! Yet another example of your awesomeness. Much love to you and Sarah.

  10. Billy Mays says:

    Great stuff Moose! And you’re still crazy after all these years.

  11. Elizabeth McKay says:

    Y’all ROCK and so sorry for your loss of the twins

  12. Pete Carrico says:

    Doing this with Sarah at the finish line will be a wonderful moment.
    Hugs to you both.

  13. Josh says:

    A beautiful example of the rare man who *really* cares about values, and, by extension, *really* knows how to love.

  14. Barry Zurbuchen says:

    Amazing feat and for a great cause. I ran a half marathon yesterday and can’t imagine even running a 5k today. Well done.

  15. Jennie Lee O'Donnell says:

    Way to go Steven! Thanks for all your fundraising for an amazing cause and a wonderful way to honor your twins!