OBA: BHeC CEO Leaving Raises ‘Red Flags’

December 14, 2018

[Updated] The former CEO of the Bermuda Health Council being ‘separated’ from the job ”with no proper explanation should raise red flags,” Shadow Health Minister Pat Gordon-Pamplin said today.

Her comments follow after the Bermuda Health Council confirmed the “separation of employment” between the Council and their former CEO Tawanna Wedderburn earlier this month.

“The Council will soon announce the interim appointment of an Acting CEO pending the Appointment of a new CEO and has no further comment at this time,” BHEC said at that time.

Ms Gordon Pamplin said, “The Government can say all it likes about introducing new health insurance pools, but first it has to get to grips with the drivers of the increases in costs, such as the over-utilisation of some services as well as issues like obesity and diabetes. In failing to do that, the Minister of Health is just passing the buck down to future generations.”

“Ms Wedderburn was acutely aware of the need to control the costs of services in order to help keep the cost of insurance down. Health care costs are forecast to reach $1bn in five years – for a population of a little over 60,000 that is just unsustainable.

“We have had only the vaguest of statement as to why she has left her post, which is extremely unsatisfactory. The Minister must give a fulsome public explanation because Mr and Mrs Bermuda deserve to know why someone in a such a key position has suddenly left her post.”

Update 3.58pm: In response, a Ministry spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Health is grateful to Mrs Wedderburn for the time she served at the Bermuda Health Council and for her passionate commitment to help patients and the public. However, it would be wholly inappropriate for the Ministry to comment publicly on matters pertaining to any individual’s employment.”

Update 5.26pm: A BHEC spokesperson said, “Change is difficult for everyone. In regards to the current situation, as this is an HR matter, we would like to respect the privacy of all involved.

“We would note that the Health Council is committed to continuing its support of transforming Bermuda’s healthcare system into one that works best for the people of Bermuda; and assist those that tirelessly work to deliver services within our communities, practices, clinics and hospital departments.”

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  1. Double S says:

    What did you expect to happen when her decision crossed the ‘real leader’ of Bermuda?

    Don’t you all remember his press conference earlier in the year when the ‘real leader’ called her and others out regarding the fee changes.

    Nee to ensure that there is a reliable and faithful crony in all positions of power to ensure that nothing ever happens negatively to the PLP’s and Bermuda’s ‘real leader.’

  2. Deep Throat says:

    It is extraordinary that there has been no further explanation on this. It does, therefore, raise some red flags – how could it not?

  3. 2 Bermudas says:

    In other news, after Ewart Brown received $1.2m and his scanners are back up and running. He should attach a bell similar to what you hear when you win money on a slot machine to ring every time he does a scan!! Ha ha ha!!

  4. Law says:

    No red flags here! She was thanked for her service and is moving on. Typical OBA making a storm in a teacup!

    • SwingVoter says:

      … sounds like an increasingly active, driven agenda and intentional “gravitational pull” for these administrations to be led by friends of elected officials. BTA, BDA, and now BHeC, are losing their independence / autonomy to effectively meet their mandates w/o political influence. Webber, Wedderburn (and soon Dallas)’s authority or postion will be replaced by “friends” of govt partners. Are the replacements the ‘right’ people, or best qualified, for these leadership roles? Likely not…The OBA did it, the PLP is doing it. Will these moves be detrimental to these organisations? Take Note. Burt’s Grip. Swing Voter Concerned.

    • aceboy says:

      What happened to promises of transparency and good governance?

      If there is nothing to hide why is the detail missing?

  5. Poor Richard says:

    It’s not right but what’s going to happen about it. People don’t care… we all just move on with life. But somehow everyone is going to be surprised when their insurance goes up in June.

  6. connecting the dots says:

    BTA Chair changed
    Tons of pressure on the BTA CEO
    Gaming Commission Chairman removed
    Still no Gaming Commission CEO
    BHC, BLDC & WEDCO consolidation (BLDC CEO & CFO removed)
    BDA CEO swapped out
    Regulatory Authority CEO removed (yet again)
    Board shuffles on each of the Maritime & Aviation boards to consolidate with F&F
    and now BHeC CEO removed