Bermuda Snooker League Triple Header Results

January 17, 2019

The Snooker League Season is underway with a triple header of matches played.

Warwick Workman’s Two 3 – Warwick Workman’s One 2

Warwick Workman’s Two came away with the bragging rights after they took the lead as Ray Desilva defeated Daemon Hanley 61-23, and then Steven Bremar defeated Gary Bascombe 60-35 and 58-30 to give Warwick Workman’s Two a 3 – 0 lead.

Kidd Mouchette got Warwick Workman’s One on the board when he defeated Zane Desilva 71-38, and then Warwick Workman’s One won the Doubles with Mouchette and Hanley defeating Desilva and Desilva 58-42.

Sandys Boat Club One 3 – Spanish Point Two 2

Martin Siese put the Sandys Boat Club One 2 – 0 ahead after he defeated Scott Barnes 45-21 & 44-43, however Sandys Boat Club Two pulled a game back with John Orr defeating Paul Fedden 59-21.

The match leveled at 2 – 2 when Billy Wotton defeated Peter Bromby 68-25, and the match was decided by the Doubles with Sandys Boat Club One pair Bromby and Fedden defeating Orr and Wotton 61-15.

The Royal Artillery Association 3 – Spanish Point One 2

Kyle Williams gave The Royal Artillery Association the lead after he defeated Stewart Greenslade 53-39, and Fred Richardson then earned The Royal Artillery Association the win with 41-27 and 72-40 wins over Chris Dakin.

The Spanish Point One got on the board as Todd Dziak defeated Jelani Hollis 45-39, and then Ed Gumbs and Dziak defeated Williams and Hollis in the Doubles 58-28 to make the final score 3 – 2.

Watford Sports Club 4 – Sandys Boat Club Two 1

Winslow Smith from Watford Sports Club defeated Chris Bromby 53-32 to give them the lead 1 – 0, Watford Sports Club then went ahead 2 – 0 after Aaron Bean defeated Jim Mclenan 42-17.

Keino Zuill from Watford Sports Club defeated Tyler Siese 48-11, but in their second match Siese got Sandys Boat Club Two on the board after he defeated Zuill 72-40. In the Doubles, Watford Sports Club pair Bean and Smith defeated Bromby and Mclenan 64-20.


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