BTA: Vendor Opportunity On Front Street

January 24, 2019

A local vendor is sought to operate a rooftop concession along the Hamilton waterfront that is geared to visitors, according to a Request for Proposal published on the Bermuda Tourism Authority website.

The new business opportunity will sit atop the soon-to-open Visitor Services Centre on Front Street, overlooking Hamilton Harbour.

“Bermuda Visitor Services Centre Ltd., operators of the island’s visitor services and subsidiary of the Bermuda Tourism Authority, plans visitor information on the first level, an event space on the second level and an open-air rooftop concession on level three of its Hamilton facility,” the BTA said.

“Bermuda-inspired entertainment, art or food and beverage concessions are named as suitable ideas for the space, but decision makers are open to additional ideas as well.

Artist rendering of the Hamilton Visitor Services Centre

Bermuda Visitor Services Centre January 2019

“The purpose-built Visitor Services Centre in Hamilton is made up of about 30 shipping containers and was formally the Artemis Team Base at Cross Island during the 35thAmerica’s Cup.

“Setting up the operation on Front Street is part a strategic approach to increase the amount of money visitors spend on-island by more seamlessly connecting them with the experience offerings of tourism entrepreneurs around the island.

“Applicants must demonstrate their submission is “customer-driver in its approach and meets the standard of innovation as described in the National Tourism Plan”.

“Interested persons must fill out an online expression of interest before January 30, 2019 and present their full proposal by February 13, 2019. Applicants will also be invited to a walk-through of the space to assist them in the preparation of their proposals.

Full details of the RFP are available at

The RFP on behalf of the Bermuda Visitor Service Centre follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Chauncey says:

    A Blot on the landscape! It will by an eyesore. A nice traditional building, one level, perhaps OK, but these prefab boxes are disgusting.

  2. Fact says:

    Unreal! My business on front and Reid Street has to pay $24,000 monthly in rental and now this thing comes along and the occupationts are paying 1/5 of that to rent space but have prime placement on the dock?!? WTF?!?

    Time to close my business down and send the 20 Bermudians who I employ home! Thanks BTA! Where is Zane DeSilva? Why isn’t he stopping this or giving us existing businesses on Front Street an incentive to use this new thing?


    • Double S says:

      Then buy the dock space from the Government or move buildings to cut back on your rental expense. If you pay that amount of rent it is because you signed a contract to do so and I am sure you weren’t coerced to do so. So why would this building force you to close and fire your employees? And what is stopping you from applying to this RFP to they and procure that space? Does the conditions of the RFP state no existing Front Street businesses need apply?

    • Blind Sheep says:

      You honestly thaught this government cared….you get what you voted for!

    • Perch says:

      Does your business sell alcohol or food? This is prime location to sit off and have a drink w/ a bump. No need for clothing stores here.

    • Come Correct says:

      What’s your business called? I’m sure those that support marriage equality would like to know where they aren’t welcomed.

      • Fact says:

        Oh pi$$ off you haters!

        • question says:

          You could always put in an RFP to use the space yourself.

        • Mike Hind says:

          So… no, then? You won’t be telling us the “name” of your “business”?

          I wonder why that is?

          Probably the same reason you spread hate from under your hood of anonymity.

          • Fact says:

            Starts with “C” and ends with “A” figure it out for yourself smart a$&!

  3. Baffled beyond belief. says:

    DISGUSTING example of cheap and nasty. How is this Bermudian Mr. Tourism Authority, and right on Front Street?

    • BermudaRat says:

      Agree with Baffled. Has anyone in BTA thought of how it looks now on photography of Hamilton? Has anyone in BTA thought of it looks from the Paget shore. It looks like a piece of metal rubbish which is exactly. what it is. Heartbreaking.

  4. Hope says:

    Would love to see Ashley’s Lemonade up here, real Bermuda youth success. And a maybe a good fish sandwich from Rosa’s, along with a reading area full of books all about Bermuda. An ice cream parlour would also be great, perfect for a quick cooling snack in the hotter months.

  5. MsFedUp says:

    I like the building and this opportunity. Nice to see Bermuda getting with the 21st century and providing more modern and fresh alternatives to the same old same old. We need to adapt or get left behind.

  6. SpinCycle says:

    Oh great an all the vagrants and rummies on Front Street will be Brand ambassadors. People who dont understand high end, cant offer high end.

  7. No sense says:

    This is keeping with surrounding landscape ! You can’t let HSBC have the monopoly on ugly buildings ! LOL