Free Friday Overnight Parking In No. 1 Car Park

January 10, 2019

In an effort to help “drivers to be more responsible,” the City will “offer a grace period for those motorists who opt to leave their car overnight in No. 1 Car Park on Friday nights for fear of driving impaired,” and parking will be free between 6:00pm on Friday and 10:00am on Saturday.

“The City of Hamilton advises the public that it will offer a grace period for those motorists who opt to leave their car overnight in No. 1 Car Park on Friday nights for fear of driving impaired,” a spokesperson said.

“With the recent implementation of roadside sobriety checks and the general call for drivers to be more responsible when it comes to drinking and driving, the City wants to be able to offer motorists an option that will encourage them to leave their car without having to collect it by 8:00am.

“Parking in No. 1 Car Park will be free between the hours of 6:00pm on Friday and 10:00am on Saturday for those vehicles left overnight. Those vehicles that are not removed by 10:00am on Saturday mornings will start to incur the hourly $2.00 fee.

“No. 1 Car Park is a short-term, 3-hour lot and any stay over 3 hours will start to incur premium fees up to maximum of $81.00.

“For information about parking in the Hamilton, visit the City’s website at”

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    What would be also helpful would be for the taxi service to be, you know, a service. Useless.

    Bring on Uber

  2. ConcernedBermudian says:

    Wow the first actual good solution since these road side sobriety tests. I am all for the blocks but no one has provided any other way to get home. This is a great start. Thank you Corp of Hamilton for offering this. I will definitely be using this.

  3. Np!! Leave Uber out…..
    Your comment is filled with uselessness.
    Contract worker?
    Paper islander??
    It truly appears as though YOU are a part of the OBA discriminatory practices.
    Who else could you be??

  4. Ko says:

    Bright idea .
    About time

  5. Ughhhh says:

    Doesn’t fix the pathetic taxi company Bermuda has. They are single handedly the Biggest threat to the island being the reason why so many have no option but to drive drunk.

    • sage says:

      In other places in this world people have a “dry january” (excuse the profanity Bermuda), I guess partly to detox from the holidays and maybe to gain some control of their addiction, take personal responsibility for their own actions. Here all we hear is: “taxis are at fault”, “the police are being mean”, “unconstitutional”,”i’m going to stay home and drink”, “we may have to layoff staff”, “we had to hire security” but you have won the “most idiotic claim” that the taxi industry forces people to drive drunk. You and these other commenters need to seek help, seriously.

      • Johnny B says:

        No you do Sage. Don’t rain on my parade K. I’m here for a good time, not a long time.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Until his form of ‘fun’ is legalized he won’t ever miss a chance to attack others who partake in something that’s not only legal but already heavily regulated and taxed. No matter how responsible they may be.

          • Come Correct says:

            Unfortunately Sage makes very valid points. You calling weed ‘fun’ tells me you’ve never tried it. Sure, your first few tries will might give you the giggles over things you normally wouldn’t find funny. So much better than the fun that leads to waking up in a puddle of your own vomit with a lifeless body under your front bumper.

            The funny thing is I have more of a problem with your average weed smoker than I do with a responsible drinker.

            If you make every effort to get home, without driving under the influence I have absolutely no problem. However “wake and bake”, if you need to alter your mindset from the moment you wake up, you might need to sort your life out or get help.

            The bottom line is people need to drive it into their heads that they can potentially take the life away from another person by making a stupid decision.

            The fact that road side sobriety tests are announced and people are still being caught shows the absolute selfish nature of some people on this island.

            • OJ says:

              “The funny thing is I have more of a problem with your average weed smoker than I do with a responsible drinker.”

              What’s even funnier, besides the fact that you’re a homophobe and a racist, is that no one really gives a crap what you think.

  6. Ughhhh says:

    PLP know taxis are an issue but like everything, DO ABSOLUTLY NOTHING

    • Johnny B says:

      I wouldn’t hold your breath for them to do anything lol

  7. Christine Francisco says:

    People should remember that Cada tips provides taxi service from town for free from 2 to 4 am that will take you home. You might have two or three other people in your car but at least you will get home safe.

    • JohnnyB says:

      I suggest the put fliers in the bars advertising this as I had no idea.

  8. Cow polly says:

    Well done COH for thinking outside the box

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Seems like a good opportunity for one of the mini bus services. Offer a ‘DRUNK RUN’ from #1 car park shortly after closing time for the bars. One going east, the other going west.

    If taxis won’t do their job, let somebody else do it.

  10. Fed up says:

    That’s a great idea! You can also leave your car in the Woodex car park near Robin Hood for free overnight and all weekend if need be! Always free on a Saturday too.