Premier Meets With Chris Furbert & Rev Tweed

January 11, 2019

Premier David Burt welcomed BIU President Chris Furbert and Rev Nicholas Tweed to the Cabinet Office, where he “thanked them for their frank and honest dialogue on issues affecting Bermudians.”

Premier Burt tweeted the photo below, saying: “Yesterday I also welcomed Chris Furbert and Rev Nicholas Tweed to the Cabinet Office. I thanked them for their frank and honest dialogue on issues affecting Bermudians.”

Premier David Burt, Chris Furbert and Rev Nicholas Tweed Bermuda Jan 2019

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  1. DeOnion says:

    a caption competition would be interesting….

    • skeptic says:

      “Chris – I gave an inch and you took this much ??”

    • sandgrownan says:

      “Stay with me Chris…this is how much money we have left”

  2. inna says:

    Didnt all of the issues affecting “real Bermudians” go away the morning of July 19th, 2017 ?

  3. sandgrownan says:

    So does getting involved in local political discourse fall under the conditions of a foreign Pastor’s work permit? Or his he somehow treated differently.

    I feel a call to the confidential immigration hotline coming on.

  4. trump supporter says:

    What a joke.

  5. Bermydude says:

    What’s a joke… Problems are still here and will continue, the PLP hasn’t found no solutions to them…All they know to do is spend, spend, spend!!


  6. Rocky5 says:

    You mean a “PLP Branch meeting”!

  7. Reverend says:

    I am Bermudian and have no idea why Reverend tweed would be representing any of my concerns, in fact, I don’t think he even has a clue what my concerns are.

    I thought he was an ex-pat–why is he representing Bermudians concerns.

    Something is fishy about this story..

    Does his work permit allwo this activity?

    • Nikki says:

      You’re nothing but a coward, hiding behind a name that’s clearly not yours!

      • OJ says:

        LOL@Nikki…the coward.

      • Snuffalufigus says:

        I’m Snuffalufigus from Sesame Street. I don’t have a last name, what about you?

        What a joke of a sack of bones you are.

  8. J Austen says:

    It strikes me that the Reverend may in this instance be operating beyond the scope of what his work permit allows. Think I might call the Hotline, good citizen that I am.

    • eyes wide open says:

      all you will get will be lip service and nothing will happen.

  9. PBanks says:

    As far as local photo ops go, this is the lamest yet.

  10. steve says:

    the mutual admiration society thanking each other for being awesome.

  11. Has says:

    Staged picture.

  12. Retro says:

    Tell them where to go ,Premier.

  13. Triangle Drifter says:

    Burt taking instructions from some of his bosses.

  14. Realist says:

    What a joke this is. If the Premier want to really know how we are doing, why doesn’t he invite those in from all walks of life. Chris Furbert and Rev Tweed are not the kind of representation that knows how I’m feeling. Always about party supporters and the the Bermuda we live in.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      It’s the PLP’s version of ‘widespread consultation with all stakeholders’ lol

    • PBanks says:

      Didn’t he at one point have some kind of brown bag lunch sessions?

  15. joe says:

    I did not know foreigners can become politicians while on a work permit????

  16. Vote no more says:

    Ok ready camera is on us, act serious.

  17. Question says:

    “So you’re saying Chris that we can’t have a new bus schedule because they don’t want to get up early and they won’t drive buses in the evenings, when people need them. Oh well, we tried didn’t we”

    “Yes Premier. Oh, one other thing. It’s about time for a raise, innit? “

    “Well if you think so. You’re in charge, Chris”

    “Yes, I am””.

  18. I am not at all sure why this article is of any great importance, because while we have these two gentleman on the front line taking on very serious issues, on behalf of the seemingly majority, there is a very silent side of issues that goes un-dealt with year after year, and the premier in his former capacity as the minister of finance, and his role that he still holds as premier, is not dealing with the millions of dollars stolen from citizens whose employers, stole directly from their employees, and why does Government have several hundred of cases on file but nothing ever gets done about it, whit collar crimes are accepted in this country and endorsed by this government also, for they do absolutely nothing to bring prosecution, because these funds i am referring to, is directly to do with pension benefits, that employers do not pay and the government does nothing about it, when the employers are exposed.

  19. What!? says:

    Why is a non Bermudian dealing with Politics? He should be deported or fined for working outside his contract

  20. Sister Grace says:

    If your a minister as he says he his then why are you participating in politics? Read your bible you may learn something that you are not aware of. Send him back home nothing but an instigator of trouble.

    • cpm says:

      Why do we put up with this nonsense
      There is a hotline advertised to shop people from working outside of their remit
      Why do we allow Tweed to continue his meddling in our politics?
      Why is’nt the peoples campaign marching against his other job

  21. Ain’t Happening says:

    I kinda like it. Just makes tangible what everyone already knows.

  22. Terrible says:

    This non Bermudian has overstayed his welcome. Send him packin!

  23. Bermy Believer says:

    As long as the dialogue is about the betterment of Bermuda for Bermudians, then im good with this meeting. The Government, Church and Unions make up the majority of Bermuda. We must stop all this hating on each other and work together to get our Country back on track.

    • Terrible says:

      The union is holding this country back, so are the churches with their discrimination and hate towards the LGBTQ community. Im sure you disagree but thats because you are only seeing things from YOUR perspective.

  24. puzzled says:

    Next we will have a Russian embassy.. you’ll see.

  25. Tellitthewayiseeit says:

    Rev. Tweed is well within his remit as a pastor to speak to and for the concerns of his membership. It is part of every AME pastor’s JD.

    • Terrible says:

      Church people need to stay out of Politics. Majority of every wars are caused by religion. We need to separate church and state immediately.

  26. cpm says:

    Status soon?

  27. Frank and Forthright says:

    Did he thank them for their frankness and honesty and then thank them for not being so frank and honest now that the PLP was in power?
    Interesting how quite they have been about the tax and immigration concessions given to fintech and now companies of “substance”.
    How frank and honest would they have been if the OBA was still in power?