‘Will Have Six New Buses On Road By August’

February 18, 2019

New buses will arrive in the next several months and “by August we will have six new buses on the road,” Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva said.

Speaking at the House on Friday, Minister DeSilva told Bernews, “I did make an announcement yesterday that the rosters and schedules have been presented and agreed to the bus operators and drivers.

“Next week they’ll start their picks, start picking their routes. After that is done, we will announce the final schedule. So, we’re in a good space.

“We did receive four new buses last year. We did receive one new bus this month, and we’re scheduled to receive another six buses before, I think, August. So, we’ll have an additional compliment of new buses that will arrive in the next several months.

“By August we will have six new buses on the road, one per month if you look at it: March, April, May, June, July, August, so approximately one every four to five weeks until August.”

In last year’s budget, the Ministry was “provided capital acquisition resources of $3 million for the purchase of eight new buses.”

Last month the Government has issued a Request for Information “to gauge the interest from vendors and manufacturers to supply clean diesel, diesel-electric hybrid and/or electric buses.”

The RFI said, “The DPT is responsible for public bus transportation in Bermuda, which has an area of 22 square miles. The island is serviced with 11 bus routes ranging in distance from 7km to 25km. DPT bus service operates 18 hours per day, 365 days of the year.

“The current fleet of 98 buses operates out of the maintenance depot located in the central part of the Island and is supported by two additional depots in the east and west ends of the island.

“This bus service provides public transportation for residents, students, and visitors. Approximately 64 of the existing 98 bus fleet, 65%, is over 10 years old and has exceeded its intended service life.

“Reliability is compromised by the aging fleet and the DPT has embarked on a fleet replacement program to reduce the average age of the fleet and restore reliability.”

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  1. FOOLED ME TWICE. says:

    Well done, from January 21st to August.
    BERMUDA better wake up, and now they want to screw up the corporations.
    I know this point get repeated often, but if it was the opposition, there would be marches strikes etc. Bunch of dreaming hypocrites,

  2. JohnnyB says:

    Ssuuuurreeeeeeeeee. Wont hold my breath.

    • To JohnnyB:
      DO hold your breath. P.L.P. s doing just fantastic UNLIKE the vicious and villainous O.B.A. May they remain powerless for DECADES.
      Wretched group of NON-democratic “politicians”.

      • Ignorant Minion says:

        What wonderful job have the PLP done – in what areas. Please enlighten us all. What have they done?

        Create New Jobs?
        Strengthen the Economy?
        Reduce Debt?
        Reduce Government Spending?
        Improve Education?
        Improve Tourism?
        Improve Efficiency in any Government Department?
        Get the buses running?
        Get trash picked up twice a week like we used to?
        Have they been transparent in their spending?
        Are the Casinos open? Has Jamal found a suitable replacement for the persons he pushed out?
        Create the new Fintech Hub?

        The only thing they have done is give Dr. Brown 1.2 million, handouts to friends of family and hit us all with a sugar tax to pay for it.

        C’mon, educate us all – what have they done that is so Wonderful!

      • sandgrownan says:

        I think STRAIGHTFORWARD is “badly spelled sign lady”.

      • LaV says:

        “Striaght”forward…..that taste in your mouth must be horrible. You’re such a miserable person, I bet you’re fat too :)

  3. Monkey Squirrel says:

    Is this true August or August as in bus schedule by January August?

  4. sandgrownan says:

    “By August we will have six new buses on the road, one per month if you look at it: March, April, May, June, July, August, so approximately one every four to five weeks until August.”

    Oh, look. He can do math.

  5. question says:

    So the buses that they received in January 2018 are finally going to be on the road, over a year later. Well woop de doop. Thank f.. for that.

  6. Ooooo….To the P.L.P.Thank you for your caring and concerns about BORN BERMUDIANS.
    The fact that O.B.A.did absolutely NOTHING to add to or improve the fleet, is a direct indication of their racist and divisive antics. May they NOT get into power to decades.
    Bermudians must continue to have a government which looks out repeatedly for US first.Remember A.C.B(America Cup Bermuda),….nasty!!
    Thank you, P.L.P.(xxxooxx)

  7. PBanks says:

    “So, we’re in a good space.”

    What a crock.
    Meanwhile the bus-relying public waits and waits at the whim of the drivers’ union.

  8. Blinded by the stupidity says:

    25-11 and going down the tubes fast.

  9. DeOnion says:

    Will they have the bus schedule by august?

  10. Your joking says:

    Yup..7 new buses by August along with probably 10 plus broken down or retired….willing to bet we have a snaller working fleet by August

  11. trump supporter says:

    Well its closer to there 2025 vision.

  12. Wahoo says:

    WTF? Does this guy want the people to thank him? Do your job Zane just like everyone else. Producing 6 busses by August is a joke and insults the people who elected you (I was not one of them).

  13. Stevie says:

    De Silva…. clueless…useless. Just like his friends in the PLP.

    • Ignorant Minion says:

      Poor Zane, I feel sorry for him. he does not even realize it but he and a few others are being primed to be the fall guys, much in the same way Paula Cox and Marc Bean were.

  14. Triangle Drifter says:

    Think of it, if we did not have a $2.5B debt, thankyou PLP, & well over $500,000 per day to finance that debt, thankyou PLP again, we could have another new bus on the road every single day including Sunday with enough money left over each week to buy at least a few new trash trucks.

  15. Daren says:

    Zane your a joke playa