Pembroke Rotary Donates $88,000 To Schools

March 27, 2019

The Pembroke Rotary Club has donated $88,000 to public primary schools, and since the beginning of primary school participation in the Club’s annual raffle in 1995, some $1.65 million has been donated to the participating schools.

A spokesperson said, “The Pembroke Rotary Club’s annual fair has been in existence since 1984 with the initial emphasis on games and rides for young children. The earlier fairs were two-day affairs, but this became too onerous for our small club, so we transitioned to a single day event which has served us well ever since.

“With a change of venue to suburban Paget – a smaller location but with better facilities – the fair has evolved into a fun day with local primary schools now heavily involved.

“In 1995, Paget Primary school approached the Club to seek funding for an educational trip for students to the United Kingdom. The Club agreed, on the condition that the school assist with selling raffle tickets. The school enthusiastically agreed, and the model worked so well that we were able to extend the opportunity to other primary schools.

“Twenty-three years later, the Club now has 13 Primary Schools participating in the fair and raffle.

“This year’s raffle reached a peak with over $130,000 worth of tickets sold. The Primary Schools will receive a total $88,000 by way of donations as a result of their determined efforts in these selling tickets.

“Since the beginning of Primary School participation in the Club’s annual raffle in 1995, $1.65 million has been donated to the participating schools.

“Members of the Club look forward to the fair, which is held in March each year, as it brings them together for the largest project of the year. The young children, parents, and teachers turn out to enjoy games, train rides, fun castle, face painting, and of course, the food and drinks.”

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