Update On Bus Service And New Schedule

March 26, 2019

The Ministry of Tourism and Transport is thanking the public for their patience and valued feedback on the new bus schedule and is encouraging the public to continue to provide feedback. The former schedule used 88 buses and the new schedule uses 56 buses.

A spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Tourism and Transport thanks the public for their patience and valued feedback on the new bus schedule. Please continue to email your comments to info@dpt.bm, where they will be logged and responded to.

“To report an issue by phone, dial 292-3851 and select the “dispatch” option. Also, go to www.gov.bm/bus to view and download the 2019 Bus Schedule to your desktop or mobile device.

“The schedule was developed to address the shortage of available buses, eliminate bus cancellations and provide reliable service levels. Two primary changes as a result of the new schedule are a reduction in number and frequency of buses. The former schedule used 88 buses and the new schedule uses 56 buses.

“Now a week into the new bus schedule, the overall performance has been good, and generally feedback has been positive. In the first week, the most pressing issue addressed by the DPT was insufficient capacity when travelling to the western end of the island, particularly around the 5:00 p.m. rush hour. To address this, DPT has deployed additional “sweeper” buses on routes with high demand.”

Minister of Tourism and Transport, Zane DeSilva, stated, “Over the coming weeks, the operations team at the Department of Public Transportation will continue to monitor performance and make adjustments as issues arise. I would add, when emailing comments to info@dpt.bm, please include the date, time, location and bus route number. That would be most helpful.”

“The Department of Public Transportation is committed to providing a quality, reliable public bus service that commuters, students, and visitors can rely on”, the spokesperson said.

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  1. lol says:

    are there printed schedules anywhere? Tourists rely on them along with the route maps…

    • Adklee says:

      I know hotels (well Pompano anyway) were given them. I would assume they can be collected from anywhere public transport fare can be purchased (i.e. bus/ferry terminals and post offices).

    • Adklee says:

      They were given to hotels (well Pompano anyway). Also I would assume they are available at the bus/ferry depot as well as the post offices.

  2. trump supporter says:


  3. Requisition says:

    So, what you are saying, is that after all this time, it still doesn’t work? Unbelievable.

    • Madge says:

      Zane,needs to put the pressure on these BIU. drivers.. we need some decent bus transport !!! enough of these pathetic excuses already.

  4. Baffled beyond belief. says:

    Yawn!! Don’t bore my life!!

  5. Madge says:

    Bus stops along the south shore were filled up with disgruntal people looking for a ride… WELCOME TO BERMUDA.

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    Over $1000 per week. For 17 years this schedule cost us over $1000 every single week.

  7. Question says:

    They cannot do a single thing right.

  8. Albie says:

    So much for encouraging the public to use Public Transport.

    The number of busses on the road has been cut by a third. How many drivers have been cut?

  9. trump supporter says:

    wonder where he gets his information from about positive feedback. Just read all the not positive comments on face book. These guys wont know the truth if it bit them on there arse.

  10. Warrior says:

    Route 3 on Monday there were two buses one from St. David’s at 7:40 am and the other from St George’s. Perhaps the St. David’s bus could wait at Gate 1 for Routes 10/11 with passengers for Route 3 bus. Freeing up a bus that could be needed elsewhere.

  11. vote no more says:

    There is a video going around on social media, they dont look as happy as the minister say with his positive feedback.

    I hope tweed and furbert are getting ready to march, oh never mind.