Bus Schedule To Revert Back To Old One

April 24, 2019

[Updated with video] Effective Monday, April 29th, the public bus schedule will revert to the one used prior to March 2019 “whilst adjustments are made,” the Government announced today, saying this is due to “feedback from the public and operators.”

Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane Desilva said, “The Department of Public Transportation [DPT] is announcing that effective Monday, 29 April, 2019, the public bus schedule will revert to the one used prior to 18 March, 2019, whilst adjustments are made.

“After six weeks of operating the new 2019 bus schedule it has been determined that the change is necessary to thoroughly address concerns with scheduled trip times and rest times for bus operators.

Roger Todd [Department of Public Transportation, Director], Zane DeSilva [Minister of Tourism and Transport], Chris Furbert [Bermuda Industrial Union, President]

Roger Todd, Minister DeSilva, Chris Furbert Bermuda April 24 2019

“DPT has consolidated feedback from the public and operators on the performance of the 2019 fifty bus schedule, noting challenges with the service frequency and insufficient capacity.

“The reports include inadequate service during morning and afternoon peak times, over and above what was experienced in the previous schedule. In response, Barnes Corner and Grotto Bay buses will be reinstated, providing additional lift to and from Hamilton.

“Additionally, the new schedule did not provide sufficient rest time between trips, presenting health and safety concerns for bus operators and the traveling public, which must be addressed immediately.

“This decision was not taken lightly, but is the only recourse to address the concerns and safety of our operators and passengers.

“Adjustments were made to the new 2019 schedule to provide additional lift, however, this requires daily coordination of unscheduled work and does not address the issue of rest times for bus operators.

“A new cut of the schedule is the fastest and proper way to achieve the necessary changes. The reassessment process will take several months to complete, and it is not anticipated that any further changes will occur prior to September 2019.

“Restoring the bus fleet remains a priority for DPT in order to mitigate cancellations and meet the demands of the public, our students and visitors.

“Over the past year the average in service bus count has increased from 50 buses to 65 buses. This was accomplished through a combination of new bus purchases, mid-life refits and out of service repairs. In addition DPT have recently concluded an RFI and is preparing an RFP for the purchase of additional new buses.

“Further announcements will be made in due course. The Department of Public Transportation is grateful for your understanding and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

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  1. Spoons says:

    So does this mean taxpayers are going to get a refund on those ‘consultancy’ fees?

    • Paul' says:

      The plp listen to the public and the Oba or UBP didn’t. Know wonder their the opposition. CRAIG stop asking the people to join the Oba told you before create a third party and stop wasting your energy with the clowns their not going to win again.

      • Mark says:

        Get in the Kool Aid line Paul – special sippy cups for you.

      • Anbu says:

        Address the issue paul. God you plpers are even messing up deflection now. Christ we r screwed.

      • Richard A says:

        THe Bermuda public are idiots

      • LaV says:

        ” Know wonder their the opposition. ”

        Isn’t your government concerned about people who don’t speak English?
        Aren’t you scared?

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Can’t even figure out a new bus schedule and these jokers want to take over The COH. SMDH!!!

      • trump supporter says:

        Can you imagine, once a week pick up of trash in the city!!

  2. Jt says:

    This failed schedule was simply the one that the Union eventually agreed to after all these years. I wonder how many better schedules (for the public) were presented and refused by the Union over the years?

  3. Madge says:

    The Premier said that he was blessed with talent in his party… what happened to Zane’s talent ? he can not get a bus shedule right…
    every where you go people are complaing about these talented so called ministers….and are we sure that we will come off of the blacklist ?

    • MB says:

      PLP has done a lot of reverting back lately…time to get it together
      Reverted back on proposed rent tax, education, Walton out, if only they would change course on gay rights and trash collection!!!

  4. Hair says:

    Typical PLP move!!!! Jokers

  5. Wicket Keeper says:

    You cant make this stuff up. Pathetic. Fire all involved because they dont appear to know what they are doung. If the unions and drivers are the problem get rid of them because they are not doing their jobs. If the problem the government or minister they should resign because two years ago, thwy had all the answers to all our problems and have fauled us AGAIN.

  6. Vote no more says:

    Yes I, cant wait to these genius manage the next big project. Got to give them credit though.
    * Victoria hall, going to be interesting.
    * bus schedule, well self explanatory.
    * Trash pick up, smells fishy to me.
    * ballooning debt we hear NOTHING about.
    * retails sales are booming, well so are genius tell us.
    * being black listed,CRICKETS
    Got to give the voters credit. OBA wasn’t close to being this bad on there worst days.

  7. Honestly says:

    I appreciated the 2 buses into St. David’s after 5. The 5:30 bus is loaded and I usually opt for the 5:47 bus. Please consider keeping the bus with the drivers having necessary breaks.

  8. JohnBoy says:

    End-of-April-Fools-Day!! This is a joke right?

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      Well well, now we know what the three stooges look like.

  9. Joe Bloggs says:


    Of course that doesn’t answer the cost of the Canadian consultants, the lengthy negotiations with the BIU earlier this year or the failure to replace buses over the last 15 years

  10. Real Bermudian says:

    This is a real f’in Joke. Come on. more then 12 years and after 6 weeks we are going back to the old system. Between this, single garbage collection, mould in schools, burt-coin, economy falling. Where are the marchers, where is the outrage. I know. y’all suffer in silence. typical…If the shoe was on the other foot. we have a general strike by now. going on 2 years and nothing to show for it

    Full of it……

    • Paul says:

      We need another talk show host to be a consultant to the minister of transport..

  11. Red rose says:


  12. Waya sayin says:

    Ya dumbasses

  13. Bobby Barnes says:

    I wish I could say what a joke but after all the money spent and 17 years, it’ is an absolute disgrace for they Government. It seems that this Government couldn’t organize a piss up in a brewery. Your heads need to roll.

  14. inna says:

    Un-fc**ing-be-liev-able !!!!!

  15. MM says:

    Somehow there appears to be a lack of pla nning. Preparations for Cup Match 2019 began a long, long time ago. The EMO Mee ts regularly and have drills. Did anyone keep a record off passenger loads, I thin k a lot has been done, and I think there needs to be a Commission of Inquiry into what has transpired.

  16. Wahoo says:

    I wish we could scrap our present government this easily. This is just another in a long and depressing list of fails.

  17. Paul says:

    Bermudians, should be so embarassed over the mess up with the bus situation..the Premier needs to get rid of the likes of J.Simmons. he has been in every political party in Bda,and his comments on twitter should have banned him from the P.L.P.and else for his talented new recruit flip flop furbert,who if you go back and hear what he said about the P.L.P. when he was in the U.B.P.how the heck can you trust him ? the same goes for K.Swan.. it looks like the the U.B.P.will be back in power,LOL

  18. Ringmaster says:

    The drivers are complaining the new schedule doesn’t give them enough of a rest time between trips. This makes no sense (as if anything else does). The new schedule has reduced the number of trips and buses but kept the same number of drivers. That must mean more time, except in Bermuda with a BIU run bus “service”. Really pathetic. So much for tourism. Social media will be full of the bus failures and don’t go there stories.

    • Double S says:

      It’s overtime not rest time they are ‘concerned’ about…

  19. kevin says:

    This was really a simple project just needed a little bit of math skills …well no wonder they lost 800 million in their tenure as government what a pathetic group ….I say it again this government needs to resign…. daily its in your face plp supporters they are clueless and lack the knowledge and foresight to get us out of this mess
    Burt last night all I heard was I,I,I,I,I iam premiere I made the decision I am in charge I , I, I and he is a weak link
    imagine what we have left …depth he talks about depth is right all non starters in all events RESIGN IN MASS

  20. John E. Thorne says:

    Incompetency at it’s best!

  21. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    you got what you voted for >>>> NOTHING!
    you will continue to get>>>>>>> NOTHING!

  22. cpm says:

    The union blackmailed their beloved government by threatening to strike before the triathlon and at the start of the tourism season
    Well done to the sheepies for more nails in our coffin
    RIP Bermuda

  23. Bermewjan says:

    Bwahaha! This pretty much sums up the effectiveness of the PLP in one example!

  24. Mark says:

    Wow! OJ must be so proud. 25 to 10 or whatever still equals Fourth World status. Maybe Minister Flip Flop can fix this??

  25. Let’s Go Bermuda says:

    Bermuda is yet again let down by the PLP…Chris Furbert is in the. Picture at the announcement!! Go figure Bermuda…guess where your taxes are going!!! Worker harder for less all….SMH

  26. Ann says:

    All you PLP haters at least they’re listening to the people…why did deputy opposition leader Lea Scott apologize for her comments knowing it was a trial basis…Zane Desilva should be commended for reverting back to the old system to make it work…You had the The Director ,Minister, Union and workers there for suppou

  27. Retro says:

    Wow ! How is this possible ? Seventeen years of costly consultation results in six weeks of implementation. Shocking !
    Perhaps ,the schedule isn’t the real issue. When will people get sick of this s*** ?

  28. confused says:

    what a bunch of clowns we having running this country, time to MARCH,

  29. sandgrownan says:


  30. sandgrownan says:

    “..“A new cut of the schedule is the fastest and proper way to achieve the necessary changes. The reassessment process will take several months to complete, and it is not anticipated that any further changes will occur prior to September 2019…”

    This is a simple task, can done on a spreadsheet with an afternoon of effort by someone with the motivation to get it done. How many years? How many dollars?

    Do they have any idea of how utterly moronic they look? Absolute failures.

  31. Starting Point says:

    ‘rest times for bus operators’

    more like nap time.

  32. Bus-ted says:

    My god what do they do when they go to work? Zane bought himself another couple months of naps. At least until he wakes up to tell people we very very close to finishing.

  33. Terminal Frost says:





  34. gustav says:

    stop the bus ” service ”
    then the drivers will have enough rest time ……..
    they are all jokers

  35. Honestly smh says:

    It would be funny except that those who depend on the bus will be left waiting at bus stops; yet again! The Canadian company prepares schedules for other places and they don’t have these issues, so what is the real issue?

  36. Head Master says:

    PLP Report Card.

    Subject: Transportation, 2 term, Grade E. FAILED
    Subject: Education, 2 term, Grade E. FAILED
    Subject: Economy, 2 term, Grade E. FAILED
    Subject: Immigration reform, 2 term, Grade E. FAILED
    Subject: Fintec, Cripto, 2 term, Grade E. FAILED

    Head Masters report: Shows little promise, fails to listen, disruptive to growth, future looks very bleak.

  37. puma says:


  38. puma says:

    This is painful.

  39. puzzled says:

    BELCO will be running on kerosene in a few weeks and horse and carriages will replace cars………………………………………………………………………..

  40. TURTLE says:

    Just because Webco wants a bus stop at front of the clock mall! making a new roundabout for the buses!, makes the buses loss 5 minutes! on the new schedule route! LET the tourist walk around!!! drivers was going to have a rest of 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes!. so much money spend of consultant!!!!! for the new schedule!!!!! better delete a bus stop !!!!!!


    • LaV says:

      das right….tell webco to make de tourists walk…we don’t need dem her. we got onions!

  41. Y-gurl says:

    Who has shares in a consultation company…..yet another farce!