Officers Work To Rule, Westgate On Lockdown

April 30, 2019

Prison Officers have gone on work to rule so the prison will be on lockdown for an “indefinite period,” Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said.

This follows after a number of issues, including inmates attacking three officers earlier this month.

Speaking at a press briefing called yesterday afternoon, Minister Caines said, “This morning, the Prison Officers Association met to discuss some outstanding issues that they have with reference to the prison service.

“At the end of the meeting, two things came to fruition: number one, they decided to go on work to rule, and they decided that there will be no overtime.

“What does that mean? Over the next indefinite period, the prison will be under lockdown. There will be limited visits, there will be limited visitation, suspension of classes, and the prison will be working on a skeleton crew.

“We have a plan, and the plan is as follows: the Bermuda Police Service has given 18 officers in support who will be responsible for taking inmates to the Magistrate and Supreme Court and on health visits. The Bermuda Regiment has approximately 20 soldiers who are trained as special constables who will be on standby if the need does arise.

“My hope is that, in accordance with section 11 of the Prison Officers Agreement, that both sides will immediately accept the invitation of the Labour Relations Manager and sit around the table to discuss the outstanding issues and to resolve the matter.”

The 8-minute live video replay is below:

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  1. trump supporter says:

    Send the 100 an odd k a year pastor up there.

  2. St.George's Passport and Immigration Control says:

    Fire them all,close the place down and ship out ALL prisoners to overseas jails.
    Much cheaper for Bermuda. how fast the Crime Rate go down.

  3. Ya boy says:

    He didn’t answer the question. When the officer got assaulted, neither the acting commissioner nor the minister come to westgate to see how they all were doing.. Sad.