Paget Parish Council AGM, Panel Discussion

April 10, 2019

The Paget Parish Council 2019 AGM will take place on Wednesday, April 17 at 7:00pm at Paget Primary School on Ord Road, and this year’s meeting will open with a 60-minute panel discussion on Cyberbullying Awareness and Prevention.

The panel of subject matter professionals who will share their knowledge and expertise include Mark Clarke, Retired Detective Inspector, Chardonae’ Rawlins, student mental health worker and researcher, Kelly Hunt, Executive Director of The Coalition for the Protection of Children and Larry Mussenden, Director of Public Prosecutions.

This discussion will be moderated by Paget resident Evelyn James-Barnett, Director of Communications at The Bermuda College, who is pleased to lend her experience to guide such a worthy conversation. An opportunity will be provided for community questions on this important topic.

Bill Pitman, Council Chairman stated: “The Council is pleased to join island-wide efforts to create awareness and discuss strategies to combat Cyberbullying. It is vital that we work with parents, our Government and community agencies to bring information to our residents. This issue concerns everyone as we are all impacted by its repercussions. I look forward to an engaging discussion.”

The meeting is open to all residents and is being hosted as a community service.

The panel presentation will be followed by parish business items from 8:00pm for the residents of Paget. This will include a review and ratification of the 2018 AGM minutes, Chairman’s Report, Outstanding Person Award Presentation, general updates and any other parish-related topics parish residents wish to raise.

Council Member Sinclair White says, “We thank our Paget schools, churches, businesses, community agencies and neighbours for contributing to our efforts to spread the word. We invite all Paget residents to be a part of this productive conversation to enhance our knowledge on this very important topic and to increase community awareness and safety.”

For more information, please contact Council Secretary, Jodi Virgil at or 704-3725.

PPC AGM Bermuda April 2019

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  1. A little wisdom says:

    As I read this, I wonder how much support the Government gives to the parish councils. Can the councils give better support to and are in a better position to address the needs of their relevent constituencies/communities? I would think that the councils are more in tune with parochial issues and could more hands on and effective if they had substantial budgets and authority. By increasing their authority and giving them greater responsibilities democracy would be expanded and hopefully get more people involved in their parish activities. In spite of our size, would de- centralizing authority be advantageous.
    This takes me to the intention to take over the CoH and CoSt G. In this case the very same democratic rights/ opportunities that the PLP fought for for these bodies is being stripped away by the same PLP. The take over of these bodies is anti-democratic and contrary to the proclamations of the PLP and is a regressive step. Unfortunately, in a years time in its quest to take total charge of every entity it can, the PLP will continue on its march and complete this sad move to reduce democracy in our country.

  2. A little wisdom says:

    It is interesting how quick the PLP was to condemn the suggestion in a UK report that uk citizens resident in Bermuda should have the right to vote in our general elections. This is a dangerous and ridiculous suggestion, one which dilutes real democracy in Bermuda. The effects of non- Bermudians voting in our elections dilutes our democratic Firth’s. The impact that the voting UK temporary will determine our Government and the direction Bermuda takes long after the folks leave our shores.
    I agree with the Bermuda Governments stand. However, the stand for democracy taken by the PLP runs contrary to its decision to strip the two municipalities of its democratic rights. The PLP should really be taking measures to increase and strengthen democratic rights and try to get more people involved in national and parochial matters and decision making, thus giving them authority to determine the issues they deem important and support them in their efforts to solve their own problems.