Heron Bay Students Learn About Numismatics

May 15, 2019

Students from Ms. Wales’ P4 class at Heron Bay Primary School recently visited the Bermuda Monetary Authority for a lesson in Bermuda’s currency and tour of the Authority’s Museum of Notes and Coins.

The presentation and tour were conducted by Ms. Tessa Ingham, Analyst in the BMA’s Finance and Currency Department.

The BMA explained, “Numismatics is the study or collection of currency, including coins, tokens, paper money and related objects. The lesson, customised for presentation to primary school children, is aimed at creating a better understanding of currency in general, and more specifically focuses on the history of currency in Bermuda.

“This fun, interactive presentation exposes students to how Bermuda banknotes and coins are made; reviews the historical landmarks that are present on banknotes; and teaches about currency circulation in the community. Students are also treated to an interactive tour of the museum, where they can have an up close view of the coins and paper notes that were introduced to them during the presentation portion of their visit.

“The tour also provides an opportunity for additional questions to be answered, which equates to students having a better understanding of the concept of currency.”

Heron Bay Primary School BMA Tour Bermuda May 2019

Ms. Wales had this to say about her students and their experiences: “During our economics unit, we have learned quite a bit about the role of money and the importance of saving. A part of my lesson plan this year included introducing the concept of money, so a visit to the BMA tied in well with teaching the children how money is made and circulated.

“My students really enjoyed the presentation and they were excited to see the money up close. Many had no idea that money is minted in Europe and shipped to Bermuda. They took great interest in the cultural designs on our bills and learned what happens to money when it becomes old and worn out. Thank you to Ms. Ingham and the BMA for hosting us.”

Ms. Ingham added “I have worked in the Finance and Currency Department for 7 years and one of the things I look forward to every year are visits from the primary schools. The children are eager to learn and always ask interesting questions.

“One benefit of the BMA offering these educational presentation and tours is that it gives the students a bit of history and knowledge on our island’s currency and for me it is great to meet new people…and we are happy to partner with Bermuda’s primary schools in offering this educational opportunity to the community.”

Interested in booking a Currency presentation for your primary school class? Contact the BMA’s Currency Department at 295-5278 ext 286 or ext 231 or email currency@bma.bm.

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