No.1 Car Park Temporary Closure May 8 – 24

May 6, 2019

The City of Hamilton are advising the public that No. 1 Car Park will be temporarily closed between May 8th and May 24th in order to facilitate the carrier ship off-loading, storage and transportation of BELCO engines and transformers.

A spokesperson said, “The equipment is part of a necessary upgrade to BELCO infrastructure. It will make the slow journey from Front Street to Cemetery Road via the streets of Hamilton starting at 6:30pm over the course of eight nights during the closure. Only one round trip journey will be made each night that should take approximately two hours.

“Rolling road closures will also be in place during each journey but major traffic disruptions are not expected. Proper signage will be in place.”

Senior City Engineer, Ian Hind, said of the closure, “BELCO is commandeering the car park a few days before the ship arrives at No. 1 so that security measures can be put in place – fencing, etc, – in No.1 Car Park. There won’t be any public access to the lot at all during the closure.”

BELCO engines Bermuda May 2019

The spokesperson said, “The City has been working with BELCO to determine a suitable route that the equipment can travel that would have the least amount of disruption, especially to City trees and any overhead BELCO wiring. Cedar Avenue had been looked at as the easiest and fastest route but the beautiful canopy that the mature trees there have created would have disappeared due to tree cutting that would have been necessary to accommodate the size of the engines.”

Mr. Hind added, “The engines arriving are of monolithic proportions and we had to come up with a suitable route through the City, from the dock to Cemetery Road, so that City trees, especially those along Cedar Avenue, would not have to be sacrificed to accommodate the equipment’s transportation. That’s how big these things are. We have established a route through the City and the transportation operation will start after rush hour each evening with signage in place. It should be quite a sight to see.”

The spokesperson said, “The engines and transformers will travel on a special 18-axle flatbed vehicle, shipped in for the occasion, that will move along the route at a walking pace. A comprehensive traffic notice that lists the roads that will have closures along the route can be found on the City’s website under the News tab and will also be published in the media.

“The City apologizes for any inconvenience caused due to the closure of the Car Park and transport of the equipment. The Public are reminded that short-term parking can always be found at City Hall as well as PLV Car Parks.”

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  1. Belco Feral Cat says:

    does that mean we wont have to read anymore fake history or other trashy pieces from Chris Belco Famous for a few days.

    • Richard A says:


    • hmmm says:

      No it means you’re still the UBP and only a new 3rd party will ever beat the PLP.

  2. Smh says:

    Bet they wish they wouldn’t have choked down all the intersections with those silly sidewalks!

    • trees says:

      no doubt!!

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Those “silly sidewalks” are there to accommodate people with physical challenges (disabilities) and others. They have been redesigned for the safety of all.

      I understand your frustration at the narrowing of the roads, but when your 80 odd year old mother is using the sidewalks you will be glad the City did what it did.

      • Yeah Right says:

        While it is helpful for those with mobility issues there was no need to narrow the roads which still makes them stupid.