Bermudian Aboard Cruise Ship During Tragedy

June 12, 2019

Bermudian Dr. Kyjuan Brown planned to enjoy a cruise in Europe on the Norwegian Epic, however tragedy struck when a fellow passenger went overboard, with the Coast Guard and the ship’s passengers – including Dr. Brown – taking part in a search that sadly proved to be unsuccessful.

When the woman was first reported missing, the ship’s captain asked passengers to help search and Dr Brown joined in the effort, and said that when the captain later informed everyone the Coast Guard had called off the search “the boat went completely silent,” and some passengers, including himself, became emotional.

A statement from Norwegian Cruise Line said, “Early morning on June 8, a 63-year-old Korean female guest went overboard while the ship was sailing from Cannes, France to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. As soon as the report was made, the authorities were notified and a search and rescue operation ensued.

“The search has now ceased, and sadly, the guest has not been found. Our thoughts and prayers are with the individual’s family during this difficult time.”

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In describing the tragic circumstances, Dr. Brown told Bernews, “It was around 8:30am that the captain announced there was an emergency with a passenger falling overboard and that we had turned back in an effort to search for the missing passenger.

“About an hour later, he announced that we had reached the area where she was seen on CCTV falling overboard and he asked everyone to join in the search by looking overboard and if you spot anything to call 555.

“We were told to look for a female adult passenger in a pink nightgown,” he said. “I immediately joined the search from my suite balcony and was pleased to see that on every balcony there were passengers braving the cold in an effort to do our part searching for the missing passenger.

“Everyone was noticeably concerned for the passenger and their family, as this was everyone’s worst nightmare. No one would want to imagine going on a cruise and leaving without your loved one.

“The ship was joined in the search by other marine vessels and Coast Guard planes and helicopters. You could see all the planes and boats searching in what the captain described as a grid formation.

“It was not until around 8.00pm that the captain informed us the Coast Guard had called off the search,” Dr Brown added.

“At this time I was having dinner, and the boat went completely silent. Some passengers become emotional, as did I, because just the thought of falling overboard in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea while watching the cruise ship you were on sailing away.

“The the rest of the trip, I did not venture onto the balconies, especially at night alone,” he said.

Due to the search, the cruise missed a port of call, and Dr Brown said he did not care, as he could not “knowingly enjoy that day in Spain while there was someone possibly fighting for her life.”

“I was happy the captain turned the ship around to search. I would have expected that same if it was a member of my family. The next day, the cruise continued as usual and proceeded to Barcelona, where some passengers disembarked and others embarked.

“I wish I was able to do more,” he said. “It was truly a very sad occasion.”

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  1. Thank you, Dr. Brown for your humane intervention. Great input.
    Continue to shine brightly!!!

    • Yoooooo says:

      Lmao he didn’t do anything…he was just on the boat :/