Jessica Lewis Wins Gold Medal, Sets New Record

August 28, 2019

[Updated with videos] Bermuda’s Jessica Lewis has capped off a tremendous showing at the Parapan American Games by racing to victory in the 100m race this evening [Aug 28] in Peru, claiming her third medal of these games in record setting time.

She came into the race as the defending gold medalist and reigning Parapan record holder, and her time this evening has set another Parapan record, breaking the old record of 17.67 seconds, which she set back in 2015.

Update: Video of the race, courtesy of the event organisers:

She finished in 17.36 to claim gold, Kelsey Lefevour of the USA won silver in a time of 17.36, Mexico’s Lucero Anahi Vazquez claimed bronze in a time of 19.15.

Ms. Lewis has already won two medals; claiming a gold medal on Saturday evening [Aug 24] in the 400m, and also winning a silver medal in the 800m on Monday evening [Aug 26], with her triple medal win marking Bermuda’s most successful showing at the Parapan Games.

Update: Video of the medal presentation, courtesy of the event organisers:

Bermuda is being represented by four athletes at these Games, as in addition to Ms Lewis, we have Steve Wilson, Omar Hayward and Yushae Desilva-Andrade who will be competing in Boccia, which is set to get underway tomorrow.

As a note, the videos are apparently blocked by Youtube for viewers in Canada and USA, apologies for this, but should be fine to view for Bermuda based viewers!

Screenshots courtesy of the online broadcast:

Jessica Lewis wins 100m gold 2019 Parapan (1)

Jessica Lewis wins 100m gold 2019 Parapan (2)

Jessica Lewis wins 100m gold 2019 Parapan (3)

Jessica Lewis wins 100m gold 2019 Parapan (4)

Jessica Lewis wins 100m gold 2019 Parapan (5)

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  1. David Bedard says:

    These performances by Jessica should be seen for what they are: World class times in a World class event . . . fantastic!

  2. PHSee says:

    Premier Burt and all others involved on both sides of the political spectrum. This young lady and athlete and any others that have attended DESERVE a parade!

    She is the ultimate athlete, and is by far the beAt example of what one can overcome despite ones hardships or perceived disabilities. Actually, I suggest that she along with others be considered a candidate for heroes weeks 2020.

  3. moonbeam says:

    Hopefully the Bermuda Government will adequately recognize these magnificent achievements of their only Wheelchair ParaAthlete. She continues to put Bermuda on the International ParaAthlete scene and she deserves that recognition.

  4. moonbeam says:


  5. PBanks says:

    Athlete of the Year. Congrats to her on her great achievements in her sport.


    I sincerely hope that our government has already started the process of preparing a parade/motorcade for another of our BERMUDIAN SPORTSWOMEN who has achieved so much and brought recognition to Bermuda on the world stage.
    The precedent was set with the recent parade for two of our athletes- Jessica has earned the same level of recognition.

    official comment from our premier and PLP government expected…..

  7. Question says:

    Burt’s on holiday again. Maybe his minister for nothing could comment?

  8. Hey says:

    Go Jessica!!!!! Doing it in style!

  9. moonbeam says:

    Jessica has put Bermuda on the Paralympic World Map. The lack of recognition by the PLP of her achievements is nothing short of appalling ———– she deserves the highest respect and praise from Bermuda’s leaders. Where are their comments and actions ?