Minister DeSilva’s Trip To Monaco Cost $6,052

October 28, 2019

A trip in September by Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva for the Monaco Yacht Show cost $6,052.37, according to a recent listing on the Government’s travel webpage.

The trip duration was listed as from September 21, 2019 – September 26, 2019, and the web page listing said, “The Hon. Minister Zane DeSilva, JP MP spoke on a panel during the Marine Money Finance Forum on 24 September 2019 in Monaco.

“The Minister, accompanied by Permanent Secretary Aideen Ratteray Pryse and representatives from the Bermuda Maritime and Shipping Authority and the Bermuda Business Development Agency [BDA], announced Bermuda’s new superyacht and shipping registry offerings to the promote Bermuda.

“On 25 September 2019, the Minister co-hosted Bermuda Breakfast with the BDA and Boat International where he spoke to a targeted audience of superyacht owners and brokers.”


  • Air Travel: $3,209.80
  • Accommodation: $2,842.57
  • Total Costs: $6,052.37

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  1. burt onomics says:

    wow that is one nice hotel!

  2. Double S says:

    A quick check on shows the cheapest ticket from BDA to Monaco is just over $1.2k.

    Minister Desilva’s ticket was more than double that.

    I guess all the proceeds from the PLP’s tax and fee hikes needs to be spent somehow.

  3. question says:

    What this doesn’t tell you is that 7 people went. So if all of them got similar flights and accommodation to Zane, and if all of them miraculously spent Zero on Meals (as Zane appears to have done), then this would have cost us around $42,000, altogether. All assuming none of them ate anything during the 6-day vacation. Er – I mean trip.

  4. kevin says:

    Hope he had a good time and took some pictures to show us all from cruise ship trips to Monte Carlo …got love it
    They spend it right in front of your nose

  5. Trump supporter says:

    Meanwhile at the bus stop.

  6. Conspiracy Theory says:

    Could have had several Throne Speeches for that kind of money

  7. Sinflower says:

    Okay, I’m not trying to be negative BUT. The mega yachts look beautiful berthed in the Harbour but, I’m wondering how much they contribute to the revenue. Have no idea what the berthing fee is, I’m sure it must be high. Are their any stats on whether they enjoy our restaurants and night life ??? Please enlighten me about this because I really don’t know.

    Also, why is Zane so concerned about the cruise ship passenger experience. If they don’t enjoy their cruise it certainly is not on our heads because they can lodge a complaint with the cruise line. We all know that cruise passengers do not spend much on our shores. After all they can eat aboard and enjoy the night life as well. They might purchase a few souvenirs and tee shirts, and I guess some of them rent mopeds and visit some hot spots. But, why all the concern about their cruise experience. Perhaps that was another thing on Zanes bucket list. No wonder this country is in such dire economic distress. It will never change. I wonder how much is learned from all these trips. I certainly would love to take a cruise on Government.

  8. Eve says:

    It is the “ total experience” the super yacht crowd are expecting and Bermuda will have a difficult time time competing with established destinations. The majority of the super yachts that are seen in Bermuda are in transit from Caribbean to US or Europe with a partial crew. There are enough TV shows that follow the super yacht guests and crew too see what is expected by both the guests and crews. As usual there is no expected ROI to back up targeting super yacht owners & brokers, looks more like another Bermuda Dream the taxpayer’s will fund.
    Zane’s expenses are a joke, it has become the norm that someone picks up the tab for his meals. Add meals, location transportation, BTA marketing material and other travel costs, bottom line for this trip would be $60,000 plus. Zane had a good mentor for Tourism Minister training!