Government Update Mailed To Households

November 6, 2019 | 46 Comments

The Government has mailed out a “two year review document” to households across the island, with the Premier saying that the “document is a summary of how we have delivered for the people for Bermuda over the past two years and acknowledges the continued mission to change the status quo that has failed so many of our fellow Bermudians.”

A Government spokesperson said, “Bermudians across the island should expect to receive a mailer providing an update on government activities.

Government Bermuda Nov 6 2019

“The two year review document gives an easy to read bullet-point overview on some highlights from each Ministry. The flier cost 19 cents per household [$5,719 in total] to produce and can also be found here.”

Premier David Burt stated, “As we work to build a better and fairer Bermuda, we will keep the promises we made to the people of Bermuda. This document is a summary of how we have delivered for the people for Bermuda over the past two years and acknowledges the continued mission to change the status quo that has failed so many of our fellow Bermudians.”

The Government’s information contained in the brochure is below:

Two years ago, the people of Bermuda decisively gave your Government a convincing mandate for change. Hardworking men and women saw in us the promise of a brighter future for their children and a clear vision for a more just society. Thus far, my colleagues and I have been humbled by the opportunity to serve the people of Bermuda. We promised to work hard every day to create opportunities for economic growth and to move Bermudians from an era of exclusion from the prosperity that Bermuda can provide, to one where success is determined through equal access to opportunity. That work has begun.

We have made progress in delivering on our promises to you. After a period when austerity was imposed on every aspect of public services, Bermudians have seen a change in how government can and should support its people. Your Government believes in investing in you, our people, and we are beginning to see results.

Thanks to your mandate of trust, this Government has:

  • launched the College Promise Initiative to increase and expand access to scholarships. Thanks to the College Promise Initiative, 511 Bermudian students in financial need have had the opportunity to receive higher education;
  • stimulated job creation, with 144 more jobs created and unemployment levels falling to 4.5%;
  • implemented incentives for companies to create and locate additional staff in Bermuda, resulting in 193 new employees being hired;
  • oversaw an economy that saw employment income rise for the first quarter of 2019 by 7.1%;
  • cut payroll taxes for workers making less than $96,000 per year to help relieve the financial burden on Bermudian workers and eliminated employer payroll taxes for the physically challenged;
  • increased seniors’ pensions every year;
  • launched a new procurement policy to ensure that more black, female and physically challenged Bermudians have a fairer chance to win government contracts;
  • doubled the guarantee capacity of the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation to enable more Bermudians to have access to capital for starting or expanding their businesses and given new entrepreneurs a one-year tax holiday;
  • introduced a STEAM curriculum at the primary school level;
  • installed Wi-Fi in all primary and middle schools;
  • reduced import duty from 5% to 0% for eggs, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, turnips, oranges and apples;
  • toughened the immigration policy to protect jobs and opportunities for Bermudian entertainers;
  • implemented roadside sobriety tests to reduce drunk driving and make our roads safer;
  • completed Phase I of King’s Wharf refurbishment by building a new pier and terminal building to accommodate larger ships and increase cruise visitor arrivals, which was completed on time and on budget by a largely Bermudian team;
  • prepared Port Royal Golf Course to host the PGA Bermuda Championship this October;
  • launched the Bermudiana Beach Resort, which is part of the Hilton Tapestry Collection – the first Hilton hotel in Bermuda’s history;
  • introduced local radiation therapy coverage for HIP and FutureCare;
  • upgraded the oversight of child day care to ensure the safety and healthy development of our children;
  • launched a vaccination strategy to protect our community from diseases that can be very dangerous and are completely preventable;
  • introduced legislation to increase the mandatory retirement age in the public service sector from 65 to 68;
  • removed compulsory military service/conscription from the laws of Bermuda;
  • decriminalised cannabis under seven grams;
  • appointed a statutory Law Reform Commission to review and reform antiquated laws in Bermuda;
  • introduced Child Safeguarding Legislation to create new offences and increase penalties for sex offences committed against children; and
  • introduced tougher monitoring and supervision of sex offenders released from prison.

This is by no means an exhaustive list; it is just a few key initiatives that we are proud to have delivered for the people of Bermuda.

Recently, I witnessed the emotion of a mature student who stated categorically that if it were not for our College Promise Initiative, she would not have received the skills she needed to be employed today. Stories like this convince me that our strategy of deliberately laying a firm foundation for Bermudian success is the right one.

I have been personally inspired by the good wishes and words of encouragement that Bermudians from all walks of life have provided, and for that I give my thanks to you, the people. Nonetheless, there is so much more to do. There are so many more Bermudians in need of a helping hand. There are so many children and families who need relief from Bermuda’s high cost of living. Your Government is determined to do all we can to deliver on our promises and govern in a spirit that allows Bermudians to do more than just make it, but to also enjoy the success that their hard work and dedication should provide. It is an honour to serve the people of Bermuda and, again, we thank you for putting your trust into this administration.

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    So, a PLP political publication paid for by the taxpayer?

    Where does it cover the fall in business confidence, the increases in taxation, the failing retail sector and the absolute failure to tackle immigration reform?

    It also misses the repeated attempts to discriminate against a segment of the community.

    A big fat fail

  2. Ringmaster says:

    This is nothing less than a PLP propaganda item paid for by taxpayers and is fraudulent use of taxpayers money.

  3. Trash says:

    Threw mine in the trash where it belongs along with DREB book! Bunch of morons!

    • Wasted Vote says:

      Sounds like you bought DREB book for $50, therefore you got took, you can’t blame PLP for your purchase!

    • Paul says:

      I can not believe people will pay $50 for a book about a man that has so much scandal about his term as Premier…and else for his buddy Misick in the Turks and Caicos, the truth is coming out.

  4. Thabk you PLP

    • Onion says:

      Furlough days were a result of PLP budget deficits. 100% the PLP’s fault.

      They just would have chosen layoffs by continuing to deny there was a spending problem until they couldn’t borrow anymore.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        The poor thing should have had a succession of REAL furlough instead of 12 meager days in a year like us in the real world (private sector) have had to endure. 20 – 60+ days or face permanent layoff !

      • Well at least we aint had no protest yet, unlike when oba was in.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          Because the OBA doesn’t have a phony ‘combined opposition’ that works for them .

          • Real Deal says:

            incorrect because they do. however that combined opposition using its wealth to protest because they inherited wealth

    • Sorry Sir says:

      Furlough days were implemented by the PLP. The OBA were merely trying to extend it.

    • Wahoo says:


    • Piee Lost Poo says:

      I have not had such a belly laugh for ages and that was only as far as I got quarter way down first page, then I got sick, my trash bin even rejected the diatribe of c**p

  5. Trash says:

    Change the status quo? Your ARE the status quo! You can’t make this stuff up!

  6. Harry Buttle says:

    Classy – that’s the equivalent of firing someone from their job via text message.

  7. Yes! says:

    All I see on this island at the moment is depression. Times were a lot more secure and happier when OBA was in power :(

    • Truth says:

      Speak for the obaUBP not the PEOPLE. Next election you will not win.

    • mixitup says:

      Lol – For real, better for who? Oh right, the Goslings and the Dunkley’s…

      • Spectator of Ignorance says:

        and the Burts and Dr’s EB, DeSilvas, and on and on and friends of family of plp. NO ONE ELSE

      • wa says:

        Better for Bermudians.
        The PLP is homophobic. Their goal is to discriminate against some Bermudians.
        They’re not better than the racists they replaced.

  8. Grade D says:

    If you have to tell us what you have done for us I think we may be back in 2012 mood again. Shouldn’t our quality of life have improved in 2 years so that we feel and notice the governments stellar achievements?

    Grade D

  9. cicada says:

    What happened to the accessible beach pavilion at Shelly Bay? It has been over 14 months since that was promised…

    • PBanks says:

      I’m predicting August 2021 they’ll break ground on something

      • Dunn juice says:

        I think they mentioned a high housing in the city. That’s what the premier mentioned on let’s talk one night.scarey thought this govt managing big projects.

      • question says:

        it will all get started a couple of weeks prior to the election

  10. #CLUELESS says:

    You’ve done NOTHING, give me two yes just TWO things you have done that have benefited everyone as a whole, not just friends and family.
    Every decision you try to make, you reverse it then want the publics input.
    Shabby to none bus service.
    We hear nothing about our national debt.
    Arbitrade, bull.
    Overstock, bull.
    You say you’ve created employment, I think you said you’ve created 11 jobs, whoop whoop party. Talk about all the lay offs and businesses closing.
    I really don’t like party politics, as Bermuda is to small. But the OBA at its worse wasn’t this bad.
    Oh and where’s our HANKY PANKY report, you guys comments and excuses are kindergarten stuff.

  11. Wasted Vote says:

    FinTech, Jobs, Hotels, Tourism, start-up capital for Bermudian businesses were some pages missing from the final print?

  12. 2Bermudaz 2bermudaz says:

    It’s nothing more than a paper version of a party political broadcast .. how much did it cost and who paid

  13. che says:

    Propaganda – taxpayer dollars should not be used for this.

    • Why says:

      They use our dollars for everything else so why not this? It’s hilarious that we get all bent out of shape on this small stuff but stand by idle while they pi$$ millions off to DREB, Zane and the Premier coffees?

  14. truthertz says:

    Looks like the forgot to omit the following:

    - increased just about every Government tax and fee which has increased the cost of living which contradicts their campaign promise to do the opposite
    - led Bermuda onto the EU’s blacklist
    - seen local business confidence reach an all time low
    - paying out thousands of taxpayer funds to PLP insiders to act as s o called ‘consultants’
    - increased the cost of healthcare significantly via their 2019 budget actions
    - oversaw a rise in jobs on island which saw Bermudian jobholders fall 92 positions while ‘other non-Bermudian’ (ie not spouses or PRCs) increase 223 positions (doesn’t that make then ‘anti–Bermudian’ by PLP supporter logic?)
    - inability to finalise a new bus schedule 18 years (and millions in costs) in the making
    - reduction of Government services (ie trash pick up) despite bleeding the taxpayer for more monies
    - issuing of Government contracts to the same cabal of PLP insiders (ie Port Royal)
    - paying your former Party leader $1.2mn for whatever reason

    Let me know if you need more…

  15. La Verdad says:

    Thank you, Premier Burt. Ignore the naysayers and just continue the business of moving us forward.

    • Why says:

      Forward? Are you on drugs? You must be if you think these guys are moving us forward!

    • wa says:

      LOL, cute.

      Moving forward = raising taxes, reducing services.

    • somuchless says:

      I’m sure you made a typo and shoulda wrote ‘backwards’

    • kevin says:

      you kidding me he /they don’t know where they are let alone a way forward
      clueless, is the kindest thing I can say they don’t possess the intelligence to get us out of the mess they created over the past 20 years go ahead
      vote them in again it only shows you that you too are clueless and don’t possess the intelligence to understand where we are and what needs to done to get us at least turned around

    • No es la verdad says:

      Moving us forward to where? Complete poverty? You’re being screwed and you’re too dumb to notice.

    • Conspiracy Theory says:

      Oh! I get it. Sarcasm.

    • Wahoo says:

      Moving forward is a bad idea when facing disaster.

  16. Paul says:

    The p.l.p. has not done a thing for us the people,hey you lot pay attention to the arrogant Premier..

  17. somuchless says:

    This gov needs to stop wasting and trying to fool the people. The only ones by your side are your diehards and they believe any and everything. Burt I’m curious. What’s up with your famous Fintech. No word in your print.

  18. Joe Bloggs says:

    It’s nice to know every tax payer in Bermuda is financially supporting our PLP Government. Unity is a wonderful thing.

  19. Question says:

    So they “save” $10k by not having the Throne Speech, which we wanted.
    Then they waste $6k sending out this crap, which no one wants.

  20. Southampton Resident says:

    “reduced import duty from 5% to 0% for eggs, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, turnips, oranges and apples;” Really!

    I paid $9.99 for a cauliflower on Tuesday in Lindo’s. Apples are $6.99 to $8.99 for a bag of 8, broccoli is $3.99 or $4.99 per pound – not sure why carrots are listed as there is a permanent embargo on them. And let’s not get started on the sugar tax which is causing no end of problems for importers.

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