Maycock Makes The Cut In Bowling World Cup

November 21, 2019

David Maycock has made the 1st cut at the 55th QubicaAMF Bowling World Cup in Indonesia.

Maycock finished with a total pin count of 4953 pins a number that put him 10th overall after 24 rounds.

In the first game of the day and the 19th of the tournament, Maycock bowled a 162 that was followed by a 256. Maycock in his third game of the day and the 21st bowled a 268, he then bowled a 205, a 177 followed, before he closed out with a 186 in the final game of the round.

Patrice Tucker finished 37th overall missing the cut by 267 pin with an average of 175, Tucker finished with 4221 total pins.

Tucker opened up with a 198 in her first game of the day, a 190 followed, during the 21st game of the tournament for Tucker scored a 176 that was followed by a 155, Tucker then bowled a 145, before finishing off with a 184 in the final game of the day.

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