New Year’s Eve Vigil In North Hamilton

December 31, 2019 | 1 Comment

New Year’s Eve will be celebrated with a candlelight vigil at the crossroads of Court Street and Dundonald Street in North Hamilton this evening [Dec 31].

A spokesperson said, “The recent signing ceremony for the Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together between The Most Reverend Wes Spiewack [Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton] and Emir Saleem Talbot [Imam of the Bermuda Islamic Cultural Center at Harrington Sound] has been embraced by City Hall Councilor RoseAnn Edwards and Court Street TV producer Elmore Warren of Fresh Creations as part of an increased focus on peacemaking that will help the area to create community harmony, attract inward investment and expand its cultural horizons around the world.”

North Hamilton By Candle Light with Host

“To signify this new framework for mutual collaboration, it has been agreed to work with the City of Hamilton to celebrate a candlelight vigil at the crossroads of Court Street and Dundonald Street as part of a new after midnight experience for New Year’s Eve.

“Visitors to the highly anticipated light show at City Hall on December 31 are encouraged to bring a candle with them and continue their tour of the City by helping to create a traditional gathering of lights atmosphere in one of the most underutilized but iconic parks within the city.

“The event has been embraced by Councilor RoseAnn Edwards as part of her continued focus on inclusion of North Hamilton in the City’s event schedule. The event also reinforces her commitment to promote interfaith dialog for the 225th anniversary of the City throughout 2020.

“The recent decade of violence in the North Hamilton area has been a reminder that no one should be taken for granted or left behind in our pursuit of a higher standard of living. Support has been provided by Sahaba Crossroads, Bermuda Islamic Cultural Center, Fresh Creations and the Emperial Group of Companies.”


“The candlelight vigil will be a time for quiet relaxation, reflection and reconnection amongst all participants. An informal soup kitchen will be available to cater to the spirit of giving that will be encouraged throughout the community. Everyone is also invited to bring their chosen token of peace for the commencement of the New Year.

“The Court Street interest in the interfaith peace process is the cornerstone of a pioneering social media campaign by some 400,000+ subscribers around the world that has been created online to help commemorate the anniversary of the peace summit 800 years ago in 1219 between Saint Francis of Assisi [on behalf of Christianity] and Sultan Malik Al-Kamil of Egypt [in the name of Islam].

“Bermuda serves as a unique venue to host this global audience as part of its own Super Jubilee, with the United States and Ghana to resolve moral hazards associated with the 400-year anniversary of the first African arrivals in Virginia from the Catholic wars of Angola in 1619.”

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  1. bluenose says:

    It is unlikely that there will ever be World Peace whilst so many still believe in primitive, contradictory and dangerous superstitions. Skepticism and Humanism should be the way forward.

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