BEDC’s Christmas “Eat, Shop, Play” Draw

December 13, 2019

The Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s [BEDC] Shop to Win Draw is currently running until December 24, with the public able to take part by spending $20 or more in any participating restaurant or store in Economic Empowerment Zones.

A spokesperson said, “The time to ‘Eat, Shop and Play’ in the BEDC Economic Empowerment Zones [EEZs] is now. The BEDC “Eat, Shop, Play” Shop to Win Draw is on now until Christmas Eve, December 24th and everyone should to take notice.

“When you spend $20 or more in any participating restaurant or store in the Economic Empowerment Zones, – Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s – you are entered into a draw for a chance to win a $500, $300 or $200 Gift Voucher to your favourite participating restaurant or store in the EEZs.”

Donte Hunt, BEDC Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise [MSME] Officer in charge of the North East Hamilton EEZ, said, “We want to encourage members of the public to expand their idea of where to spend their dollars this holiday season. While there are great stores and restaurants in the city centre of Hamilton, there are also great locations outside of those areas too.

“We want people to consider these different spaces that often get overlooked. Our aim to is encourage the public to share the love, share the spend and hopefully reignite business in some of these areas.”

Donte Hunt – MSME Officer, Ondreyah Rochester – Junior MSME Officer, Tiffany Durham – Administrative Assistant, Ray Lambert – Director of MSME, Dennis Carter – Junior MSME Officer:

BEDC Christmas Eat, Shop, Play Bermuda Dec 2019

The spokesperson said, “In August of this year, Ray Lambert, MSME Director at BEDC was tasked with creating an initiative for the Insignia Cruise Ship passengers coming into St. George’s that encouraged passengers to visit businesses, restaurants and tour centres throughout the small town.”

Mr. Lambert said, “During this time, we recognized an opportunity to create a more inviting solution and most importantly, stimulate spending in St. Georges.”

The spokesperson said, “With this goal in mind, the BEDC team collectively agreed on the “Eat, Shop, Play” Shop To Win Initiative. Developed with the mission of stimulating higher spending in St. George’s, the initiative became a shop to win draw that saw passengers venture all throughout the town. It went so well that Ray and his team decided to implement the initiative through all BEDC’s Economic Empowerment Zones.”

Ondreyah Rochester and Dennis Carter, both Junior MSME Officers in charge of Somerset and St. George’s respectively, said, “the Christmas “Eat, Shop, Play” Shop to Win Draw, has been a truly successful campaign thus far. As officers in these areas, we get to know the businesses and see the great products, food and services they have to offer.

“By participating in this initiative, members of the public have the opportunity to explore new spaces and get to know them too.”

The spokesperson said, “BEDC is constantly working towards developing the three Economic Empowerment Zones. Excited about the success of the initiative so far, the BEDC looks forward to continuing to develop more initiatives like it that work to promote business within Somerset, North East Hamilton and St. George’s.

“Shop to Win is an idea that has been exciting for customers, but also for business owners.”

Kristin White, owner of Long Story Short, said, “I’m very excited about BEDC’s initiative to encourage people to shop in the East End and hope everyone takes the time to come to St. George’s. Come see the lights, the winter wonderland, and then spend some time having a calm and leisurely shop around the towne. Of course, I am biased, but I believe St. George’s is the best place for finding thoughtful, unique gifts, plus, free parking.”

Everton Dawes, owner of Casual Footwear, said, “My customers are delighted that they have a chance to win cash vouchers that translates to a free pair of shoes or two. At Casual Footwear, we sell high quality and extremely comfortable shoes that protect ones’ feet and posture – after investing in their feet, it is a nice touch for them to know that they can be rewarded for shopping at my store. Great initiative.”

The spokesperson said, “To participate, spend $20 or more in any participating store in Somerset, North East Hamilton, and St. George’s from now until December 24th. Winners will be announced on December 27th and prizes can be collected at BEDC on January 9th. Shop for your chance to win a $500, $300, or $200 gift voucher to spend at any participating business in the EEZ’s.

“Winning cash vouchers can be spent at one or multiple participating locations within a single EEZ. For more information and a full list of participating stores, please visit

“Happy shopping and happy holidays.”

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  1. Liz Morris says:

    Hi, I have iooked on your website for a list of participants, but there is no list. Please supply one as I live in St. George’s and would like to know. Best regards

  2. PANGAEA says:

    A year round and Christmas message for those who can not speak for selves .

    For a little island out in the middle of a large ocean it is surprising how many wild bird we have here we are truly blessed , every day they fill our lives with their song.

    Ask your selves what birds do for us ? They put on the greatest show on earth.

    Did you know many birds perish here being blown out to sea never to return during Hurricanes.

    Many birds go to nest at night hungry
    ( a terrible feeling at the best of times for sure)

    They never complain.

    ” All I ask of you ! ”

    When their natural food during winter is scarce please can you share .

    We take from the sea and give nothing back, surely that must make you feel “deep” down inside sort of bad , they should not have to eat the young !