BWS: ’38 Knots Sustained, Gusting To 52 Knots’

January 6, 2020 | 0 Comments

The winds this weekend reached some 38 knots [43.7 mph] sustained gusting to 52 knots [59.8 mph] at the airport, the Bermuda Weather Service has confirmed.

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As everyone would have noticed, it was quite windy this weekend, so we asked the BWS for information on the wind strength, and Bermuda Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Bufalino explained, “Peak winds occurred at the airport around noon as the leading edge of the vigorous cold front arrived with some heavy showers.

“The strongest we recorded at the airport was about 38 knots sustained gusting to 52 knots. The station at Pearl Island recorded 44 knots sustained gusting to 52 knots and the station at the Navigational Buoy Crescent reached 45 knots sustained with gusts to 53 knots.”

Video showing the windy conditions yesterday:

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