Audio: Sir Dudley Releases ‘Gal Gone’ Song

February 18, 2020 | 0 Comments

Bermudian reggae artist Giles Spurling, also known as Sir Dudley, has released a new single titled Gal Gone.

The song is composed of an instrumental created by Mr. IVibes of IVibes Productions and lyrics and vocals composed by Sir Dudley. The record was recorded, mixed and mastered at MassFX Recording by Mr. IVibes.

A spokesperson said, “The new single has a pretty clear message about a personal experience in the recording artist’s life; it is about lost love and a failed marriage.

“Despite the topic, the artist says it’s a healing song, not a sad song. Songwriting and singing is therapeutic for the artist.

“This particular song tells a story. The first verse lyrics such as ‘time is short so be grateful wha ya got, embrace who ya are, naah worry who ya not, turn around and face de demon dat ya got’ immediately follow the timeless lyrics on the chorus and are uplifting.”

“Later in the first verse, Sir Dudley sings ‘stand up again even though mi had a fall, weather de storm, dust miself off, tool in mi toolkit, now mi well off,’ which is the recovery process.

“The second verse lyrics such as ‘new gal, add her to mi repertoire, get to know her, pluck her like a guitar’ are future-looking about a prospective partner.

“And finally the bridge discusses the silver lining from the experience: ‘gal gone, time to move on, just what mi need to be strong, gal gone, time to move on, bullet proof and mi feel like a dun, ya mi sad when mi first lost her, only got one life, mi wanna foster, live it fully, ya mi prosper.’

“Sir Dudley is planning to release more music later in 2020 and launch a custom EP on the music streaming services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and others. The Gal Gone single embodies Sir Dudley as an artist who is known for authentic lyrical content.

“The song will be added to his repertoire as another record that he views to be uplifting to any man been left by a gal.

“Fans can hear more records by Sir Dudley on his Sir Dudley YouTube channel or his full repertoire on Soundcloud. More information can also be found on his Instagram account.”

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