Video: Baby Dolphin Birth In Bermuda

February 11, 2020

Dolphin Quest Bermuda has shared a video highlighting the birth of Reef in June 2019, with the video providing insight into mother Bailey’s relationship with the organization’s staff and the parental journey ahead of her.

The video’s description says, “On June 1, 2019 [World Reef Day], Bailey at Dolphin Quest Bermuda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who was aptly named Reef.”

“Check out this incredible video about her birth. You’ll witness the trusting relationship mom Bailey has with her Marine Mammal Specialist family and hear how reproducing and raising their young is a natural and very enriching part of a dolphin’s life.

“For more information about Dolphin Quest’s ‘swim with the dolphins’ programs in Bermuda, on Hawaii’s Big Island and on Oahu, be sure to follow us! We share updates on our dolphin family, new dolphin experiences, groundbreaking dolphin and whale science, community outreach and opportunities to support wild dolphin conservation.”

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  1. Julie Rans says:

    That was fabulous, I can’t wait to show my grandson!

  2. Kathy says:

    Just wish they would be housed in a much larger pen just outside the dockyard wall and only brought in in times of bad weather. This pen is way too small and it is very sad to see them just swimming around and around in circles. Please Dolphin Quest, make the pens 10 times larger!