People Arrested After Break-In At Coconut Rock

March 30, 2020

A “number of persons were arrested” after a burglary at the Coconut Rock restaurant, the police have confirmed.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 5:15 this morning, Monday 30th March, it was discovered that unlawful entry had been gained to Coconut Rock restaurant.

“Enquiries were made and it was discovered that culprits had forced entry into the premises

“It is unknown exactly what had been taken.

“The investigation led police officers to Queen Elizabeth Park in the City of Hamilton where a number of persons were arrested as well as items relating to the burglary were recovered.

“The suspects remain in police custody whilst the enquiries into this crime continues.”

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  1. Long Bay Trading says:

    Nice one BPS!
    Stupid one culprits!

  2. Jennifer Outerbridge-Smith says:

    Such a shame that this has happened to such a wonderful business owner, especially during this time!

  3. Boston Whaler Owner says:


  4. Hair says:

    They should get a double whammy, breaking curfew and burglary, pathetic individuals!!!

  5. Vortex says:

    Lowlifes – at a time like this.

    And stupid with it, when just being on the streets will get you arrested.

  6. Southampton says:

    Lock them all up. Crack down on these idiots

  7. Whodat says:

    Dude’s an idiot, not only did he commit some no brainer crime, he also did it while quarantine is in place and broke that too which is gonna add onto his punishment already. Smart.

  8. Charlly X says:

    Smh a hungry man is a hungry man. They might as well just stayed there and ate ! Lol

  9. JUdy Smith says:

    So sorry to hear this Gary. Pray they get their just reward…Jail for a long time.