Information Commissioner’s ‘Monthly Roundup’

August 15, 2020

The Information Commissioner’s Office [ICO] has released the latest edition of their ‘Monthly Roundup.’

The ICO said, “The Information Commissioner’s Office [ICO] welcomes you to the July issue of our Monthly Roundup. The ICO is an independent public office that promotes and enforces the use of the Public Access to Information [PATI] Act 2010 in Bermuda.

“The ICO’s theme this year is ‘Championing Transparency’. This theme recognizes that information has power. Championing transparency encourages decision makers in public authorities to remember how valuable it is for the community to have timely, accurate and accessible information.

“It also encourages Bermudians and residents to use their PATI rights to ask for what they want and need to know, rather than only receiving what public authorities decide to make public.

“Using PATI rights is a tool of empowerment for those who choose to take the initiative and simply ask for what they want to know. Championing transparency happens when Bermudians and residents use their PATI rights to normalize asking for more from public authorities: more details, more evidence, more information.

“When each corner of Bermuda’s community advocates for transparency about legal, financial, policy and other decisions made for the community’s benefit, accountability is established. Championing transparency encourages the community to expect transparency around government’s decisions.

“It requires the community also to take the initiative to use their PATI rights and to ask when they require more information.

“Championing transparency puts the power of information in the hands of Bermudians and residents.”

The full ICO July 2020 Monthly Roundup follows below [PDF here]:

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