Cole Simons To Be The New OBA Leader

October 27, 2020 | 6 Comments

[Written by Don Burgess]

Cole Simons will be the new Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance.

According to sources, Mr Simons was the only person who put his name forward for the post and indications suggest that none has put their name forward for Deputy Leader as of this time.

Both the Leader and Deputy Leader must be a sitting MP, and after the general election held on October 1, the OBA only has six MPs – the current Party Leader and former premier Craig Cannonier, Michael Dunkley, also a former party leader and premier; Susan Jackson, Scott Pearman and newly elected MP Jarion Richardson.

Mr Simons is a former education minister when the OBA held the Government from 2012-17. He held onto to his Smith’s South seat by garnering 63% of the vote against the PLP’s Owen Darrell in the election.

Justin Matthias and Catherine Kempe are both running to be the chair of the OBA.  Victoria Cunningham and Michael Cann will be the new deputy chairs as they are running unopposed.

The OBA conference takes place on November 2 with the election for Chair of the party set for November 3.

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  1. Paul says:

    Not impressed with the new leader of the O.B.A. would have liked Susan Jackson as the leader.

  2. Vortex says:

    The good news Cole, is that the other lot are so incompetent, you don’t even need to shine.

    4 more years of economic mire should do it.

    Hang on in there Cole, and Bermuda.

  3. Oooookay says:

    While I’m a PLP supporter I’d like to see a strong opposition. The system works best with a strong opposition! No offense to Mr Simons, but I’d have preferred someone like Ms Jackson myself to take the lead. I’m sure his heart is in the right place, but I know there are “more effective” members in the party. It concerns me that the seasoned OBA members didn’t vie for the position and I think that it is telling that they didn’t and I believe that pride and ego had a part in it that they didn’t. Will the stronger OBA members at least step up to the plate and support this man. I’d hate for people to start thinking of the FDR as the viable opposition..

    • frustrated says:

      Why? Why are you a PLP supporter? They’re not a football team. The PLP have done noting, NOTHING, to improve the lives of Bermudians. Any Bermudians, black or white.

      Why do I see more people living on the streets? Why do I see more buildings being demolished than are being built? Why do I see more violence? I could go on.

      So, tell me, why so you support them?

      • Oooookay says:

        Did you read the rest of my post or are you like your screen name suggestS that you’re frustrated with the party to which you associate yourself (aka support). I have my reasons for supporting the PLP as I’m sure you have yours for supporting the OBA, but you never said if you agreed or disagree with my comment or is that the real reason for your frustration someone who admits to voting for the party that you don’t like is making sense but won’t support your party. Come on your better than that, but then again I also understand that could be the frustration talking. Don’t get mad at me, use some of that frustration to invigorate your party… they need you!

  4. Toejam Express says:

    It’s amazing to see the OBA truly implode before our eyes and become a rudderless ship AND a hazard to the navigation of Bermuda. They’ve had mutanies onboard ship, captains run the ship aground, captains tossed overboard (Aunt Jeanne?), destruction of all effective means of communication with the electorate (no one knows what they stand for now…being too focused on keeping a sinking ship afloat)…..and are now drifting …waiting for a few more self inflicted onboard explosions to sink them OR another political party to come along and fire the final torpedo to finish the OBA off. Come the next General Election the FDM will be the true Her Majestys Loyal Opposition. Bermuda is in dire need of a strong political opposition….in the form of the FDM.

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