VRA Group On Voters Bill Of Rights

July 2, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

A Voters’ Rights Association group has popped up on Facebook ahead of the July 18th general election.

The group, which was founded by Geoff Parker and Stuart Hayward, wants to enshrine a Voters Bill of Rights that includes the following six items:

  • The Right to Vote, currently the party in power invites you to vote at its election
  • The Right to fixed-term elections;
  • The Right for all election candidates in a constituency to participate in open debate;
  • The Right of constituents to recall parliamentarians they have elected;
  • The Right to a fair absentee ballot voting system;
  • The Right to Voter Referendums and Citizen Initiatives or similar, to determine public issues;

A post on the page said, “The VRA would like to see reforms take place to bring about a more democratic machinery of Government with suitable checks and balances to reduce the potential for corruption and excessive spending beyond the means of the population. Please join us in campaigning for important reforms that will increase the power of the people.”

A spokesperson for the VRA said, “The VRA hopes to have full engagement of the new or returning MPs and senators in passing a viable Voters’ Bill of Rights early in the next electoral cycle. In addition, it also seeks to activate the electorate in engaging in the process to obtain greater democracy in Bermuda.

“The spokesperson added it is important for voters to have a bigger say because it increases and enhances democracy which “is vital in helping the island to make the difficult choices ahead. Bermuda needs more transparency and integrity with our political process.”

The Facebook page may be found here.

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