Flag Football Fall Season Awards Announced

November 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Flag Football League [BFFL] 2020 Fall Season Award Winners have been handed out, serving to recognise the top players over the past season.

League MVP – Kenny Wilson [Black Shark$]

QB OTY – Seward Smith [Killa Squad]

Offensive Player OTY – Kenny Wilson [Black Shark$]

Defensive Player OTY – Zavante Garnett [Punisher]

Offensive Lineman OTY – Troy Washington [Killa Squad]

Defensive Lineman OTY – Mike Kelley [Punisher]

Offensive Rookie OTY – Jordan De Shields [Beer-Muda Misfits]

Defensive Rookie OTY – Gabriel Paradis [Beer-Muda Misfits]

Ladies Offensive Player OTY – Jessica Wagner [Beer-Muda Misfits]

Ladies Defensive Player OTY – Jessica Wagner [Beer-Muda Misfits]

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