“Purchase Of St. George’s Club Is A Good Thing”

November 28, 2020 | 2 Comments

“The purchase of the Old St. George’s Club is a good thing for Bermuda”, according to MP Craig Cannonier.

MP Craig Cannonier said, “It’s clear the relationships forged under the One Bermuda Alliance Government yet again continue to reward Bermudians years later.

“Hotel Co., who are presently building the St. Regis Hotel in St. George’s must be commended for seeing an opportunity to further enhance our tourism product and provide much needed jobs for Bermuda.“

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  1. Mixitup says:

    Did he say “continue to reward Bermudians?” Let’s not go there Craig, now’s not a good time, and where’s Cole? Who’s leading that show over there? is it Micheal… you all needa sort yourselves out, because theres not many taking you seriously.

  2. Faus Johnson says:

    I wonder if HotelCo is honouring the Timeshare agreement that entitled members to use the SGC during contractually agreed upon times? As a former MAC member I would be interested in the terms agreed upon as the Club was heavily in debt to the Government of Bermuda as well as many suppliers.

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