‘Silent Walk With A Purpose’ On December 20

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The ’20X20 Silent Walk With A Purpose’ will be held on Sunday [Dec 20], with participants “encouraged to practice ’20×20 Foresight’ during sunset by walking in silence to locations of their choice throughout the island.”

A spokesperson said, “A social media ‘storm in a teacup’ caused by the new Covid-19 security measures of the Bermuda Government has prompted some 20+ members of the local interfaith community to participate in a “20X20 Silent Walk with a Purpose” on Sunday, December 20, 2020.

“The decision to promote the “20X20 Silent Walk with a Purpose” emerged in the midst of the recent social media controversy about an ‘anti-mask protest march’ - precisely because the Silent Walk features the wearing off decorative masques.

“Event organisers Mary Butterfield, Tracey Gibbons, Corin Smith, Mark Roberts and Albert Brewster have chosen to first promote interfaith diplomacy as a prayerful way to ensure that the voices of the most vulnerable constituents in the community are heard – and not abused – by their leaders.

“The inaugural 2018 Silent Walk was created by Onika Best, Queen of the Drum in 2018 and was held on Court Street for Mother’s Day as a show of solidarity with families impacted by gun crime and domestic abuse. Earlier this year, the masque wearing aspect of the Silent Walk was also featured in the Patients 1st Gathering at Par La Ville Park during the UN week of interfaith harmony in February.

“The “20X20 version” of the Silent Walk is a harmonious way to exercise constructive freedom of association, self expression, solidarity and mutual forgiveness in the global spirit of the astronomical “Great Conjunction” between Earth, Jupiter and Saturn at sunset during the Winter Solstice on December 20/21, 2020.

“This once in an 800-year phenomenon will offer all residents a unique opportunity to witness the two largest planets in the solar system converge close enough together during sunset to create a “Great Star” spectacle on our western horizon [weather permitting![.

“Accordingly, all stargazers are being encouraged to practice “20×20 Foresight” during sunset by walking in silence to locations of their choice throughout the island.

“Participants are also asked to memorialize this event in social media wearing costume masques and goodwill signage decorated with words of mutual encouragement. All footage will be considered for inclusion as part of a documentary film project for future posterity.

“Those interested in organizing their own 20X20 Silent Walk with a Purpose on Sunday, December 20, 2020 are encouraged to go to the temporary website for further details, ideas and inspiration.”

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