Videos: New Airport Opens, First Flight Arrives

December 9, 2020

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held this morning [Dec 9] as the new airport terminal officially opened for operations, with the first flight being greeted by a water cannon salute as it touched down.

New Airport Terminal Bermuda Dec 9 2020

A spokesperson previously said, “”The 288,000 square foot facility will provide for improved passenger processing; increased passenger capacity; greater resilience to extreme weather conditions; modern amenities and infrastructure; greater energy efficiencies; enhanced security; enhanced specialty retail and food & beverage outlets; and covered, passenger jet bridges.

The new facility offers a new U.S. Customs and Border Protection [CBP] Preclearance Terminal, with the CBP saying “this new state of the art facility truly reflects the best Bermuda has to offer, and it exemplifies the strength of the partnership between CBP Preclearance and the people of the island.”

Skyport previously said, “There were 885 Bermudians who worked on the site over the course of the airport redevelopment project, which began in March 2017 and a total of 1.6 million construction manhours.

“Additionally, the project engaged almost 400 Bermudian companies, vendors and suppliers in what became an extraordinary collaboration of local and international efforts.”

We will have photos from today’s opening later on and in the meantime for a look at photos of the new terminal, click here and for all our coverage of the airport redevelopment click here.

Update: A photo gallery from the opening is here.

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Comments (12)

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  1. Robert Daniels says:

    Done Well

  2. Cow Polly says:

    No speeches by our Minister of Transport and chair of the bermuda airport authority? did the Government boycott this event?

    • Paul says:

      There were speeches by Bermuda Airport Authority Chair, Lovitta Foggo, MP, and Ianthia Wade, MP. Both are Government MPs.

  3. Tony Brannon says:

    This is a magnificent new airport….
    Congrats to everyone – this is great for Bermuda.

    • Well at least no roaches says:

      At least there is no mold or roaches in new terminal

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Besides whatever you’re trying to hint at there’s also no more termite infested woodwork , leaking roofs , cracked masonry or fire hazards waiting to happen .

  4. Bermudian says:

    What a beautiful flag we have. Bermudians let’s be proud of our airport and welcome all visitors to our beautiful shore.

  5. DB says:

    Nice Airport and long over due and needed, sad that Bermuda or a Bermuda company doesnt own it. Thanks OBA/UBP and PLP. Awesome Canadian Airport.

  6. Get With The Program says:

    Where are everybody’s masks? Come on guys, get with the program.

  7. Ringmaster says:

    Was the Premier or any Cabinet member present? They don’t appear in the photos.

    • question says:

      Too busy making sure we only had 38 bus cancellations today, overseeing the non-collection of trash, and working out which of them gets which highly-paid taxpayer-funded job next.

  8. Paul says:

    There were speeches by Bermuda Airport Authority Chair, Lovitta Foggo, MP, and Ianthia Wade, MP. Both are Government MPs.